Guide To Make A Child Custody Agreement Letter With Example

Getting a divorce when it related to the children’s life is a tough decision to be made. The only way to decide child custody is through an agreement where both parents agree to which side the children should on. It also determines the visitation rights of the non-custodial parent which affect this agreement worth to be made to get justice. Read further explanation about a child custody agreement letter we have provided below.

What Is The Importance Of Child Custody?

A child custody agreement usually agreed upon by both parents which drafted by an attorney, then it will be approved in the courts when both sides are truly made up of their decision with full consideration. The agreement includes:

Any information required while making the agreement are:

  • The identity of everyone involved in the agreement
  • The children’s age mentioned in the letter
  • Details regarding who will get the rights for custodial and non-custodial parents

Important notes, such as the child’s birthday and holiday should be included in the document to be a consideration to decide who will get full-time custody and detail about visitation options. It will be good if the letter reviewed by the proper lawyer and will be signed by both parents then submitted to a state or circuit court.

An Example Of Child Custody Agreement Letter

Here is the example letter you can implement on your daily life. Feel free to note any important points you may find in this agreement below.

Both parents will get their parenting rights and visitation with the children and will not restrict communication.

Weekends: The children will spend every weekend with their father.

Birthdays: Both parents will get fair access to children’s birthdays. Each parent will get the opportunity to have the children visit on the parents’ birthday.

Holidays: Parents will occur in rotation in Christmas and Spring Breaks. Thanksgiving and Easter will also be alternated. Summer vacation time will be divided equally between the two parents.

Mother’s and Father’s Day: Will be spent with the corresponding parent.

Other visitation: The mother agrees that the father’s visitation will be allowed within a specific reason and scheduled properly, and so both parents are happy with the decision.

Any disagreements in these terms will be moderated by mediation only. Terms of this agreement are subject to change as the children age development that makes them able to make decisions about their own free time. Both parents clearly agree with the decision and are respectful of these wishes and let the children take precedence within reason.

The details in this agreement have been approved legally by both parents and have submitted to the court for final approval.

Jeremy Light

Jonah Light, Mother            Jeremy Light, Father

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May this article can help to fulfill your satisfaction in understanding this letter. Please, don’t hesitate to edit the example of child custody agreement letter above based on your needs. Good luck!






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