Daycare Termination Letter And The Example

If you wish to terminate your contract with daycare, you must do it politely and follow the rules. You have a right to terminate the relationship with daycare for several reasons, for example, if you have to move, your child is not happy with the daycare, or you feel that the daycare has poor facilities. The most polite way you can end a relationship with daycare is by writing a daycare termination letter.

Why Should I Entrust My Child To Daycare?

Stay-at-home parenting will indeed be very useful in strengthening the relationship between children and parents. But in some cases, parents are forced to entrust their children to daycare because they have to work. The advantage that you can get if you leave your child to daycare is that children can learn several useful things such as art, games, and the natural environment. Children’s skills in socializing are also better, children can be smarter and more independent.

Perhaps, you have seen some of your child’s experience during daycare, whether it’s positive and negative. But you still have a right to break the relationship with the daycare for some reason.

How To Break Up With Daycare?

There are several tips you can follow when you want to break up with a daycare. Some of them are as follows:

Meet the owner

You certainly still remember that the first time you entrust your baby to the daycare is by meeting the owner properly. Therefore, when you leave, you have to do well by meeting and saying goodbye to the owner.

Be Honest

Express your reasons for leaving daycare seriously. That way, if they think it is their fault, daycare will correct the mistake.

Write A Formal Letter

Some daycares will have strict rules regarding taking children from daycare. Follow the procedure neatly so you won’t pay a fine.

Daycare Termination Letter Example

Writing a letter of termination with daycare should be done carefully and in a polite and formal format. The following is an example of how you can write your letter:

Dear Ms. Dalton,

This letter is to inform you that starting December 20, 2020, our children Dennis and Belle Potter will no longer be able to attend Little Finger daycare. Following the agreement in the contract, this is our 2-weeks notification letter. I will also pay full tuition for a week as written in the contract.

In January 2021, my wife and I have to move to Chicago following the instructions from our company. I know it will be difficult for Dennis and Belle to leave your daycare, especially since I have seen them develop very well. With your permission, my wife and I will bring pudding and cake for the farewell day on December 20.

I apologize for the inconvenience caused by my notification. Please call me at (444) -4444-444 or my wife’s phone number at (333) -3333-333 if you have any matters to discuss.



Brian Potter

Apart from the reasons for moving, you can write other reasons behind your desire to break up with a daycare. Hopefully the brief reviews and examples we provide above can help you to write your daycare termination letter.


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