Parking Ticket Appeal Letter and Its Sample

Citizens often experience an unpleasant treatment from the patrol officers, such as being issued with a parking ticket on the street. If you are as a citizen and been issued with a parking ticket without understanding your mistakes, you can write a parking ticket appeal letter. It is something you have to do when you are treated unfairly by the patrol officers. Ensure you send this appeal letter to the appropriate department and address to the officer who handles this problem. Perhaps you are confused on how to write this letter, so we provide some tips and the sample of appeal letter.

What are the best reasons to appeal a parking letter?

If you receive a parking ticket unfairly, this ticket has to be cancelled because it is invalid. At first, you may try to refute it informally to the patrol officer who gives you the parking ticket. However, it usually does not work. You also cannot take this issue to court if you only appeal it informally. So, you still have to pay the parking ticket in the end. However, you can write a parking ticket appeal letter to take this case to the court formally and you do not have to pay. Here are the following reasons why you can appeal the parking ticket.

Ø You park your car correctly.

Ø The parking signs are illegal and unclear.

Ø The parking machines are broken so there is no way to pay.

Ø You are charged too much from the rules.

Ø You are not driving.

Ø Your car is broken.

Ø You are only running out of time.

What are some tips that I can apply in appealing a parking letter?

When you want to appeal a parking letter to the court, you have to compose the letter in appropriate way. You need to use formal language. Ensure you mention the main purposes of your letter in the first or second sentence concisely. Although you feel annoyed by this issue, you still have to keep away from dramatizing the situation and be honest. You also need to be on point in writing a parking ticket appeal letter.

How should I write the appeal letter?

If you still have no clue on how to write this appeal letter, you can start with some points. First, ensure you write the correct date, time, and place where you are issued with the parking ticket. Do not forget to include the citation number. After that, you can explain the chronology why you are issued with this parking ticket clearly and briefly. Remember that you still have to be polite and use formal language. Then you should clarify the reasons specifically why you are not worth of this issue. If you have some pictures or documentations to support your arguments, you should include them with this parking ticket appeal letter. The last important thing is that never plan to manipulate the reader.

Parking Ticket Appeal Letter Sample

Writing this letter is quite easy actually. However, it might be hard for you when you feel annoyed by the incident. Thus, we provide a sample that you can edit anytime.


Dear Mr. Lee,

Citation Number: K0270903

Vehicle Registration Number: SFY233

On February 17, 2020 around 5 p.m, around the Nagoya street, you issued me with a parking ticket which obligates me to pay. I believe that this parking ticket was not fairly issued as there were no mistakes I made. I saw the sign states that only person who park in the area after 6.00 p.m will get charged. It means that the parking charges are invalid for me as I park there around before the effective time.

I realize maybe you and the other patrol officers around the Nagoya street were not aware of the new parking rules which began on February 15, 2020. Through this letter, I am asking that my parking ticket will be dismissed according to the new rules. Thank you so much for your time and deliberation.




Kwang Soo


That is all our explanation about composing a parking ticket appeal letter. Good luck.


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