Excellent Pastor Resignation Letter Example

As a pastor, you may not be able to stay forever in one church for some reason, like you have to serve a congregation in another place, or some other urgent reason. Whatever happens, you should do a good resignation from the church to make a positive impression on your fellow ministry leaders, board members, and congregation. The most elegant way you can do is by writing a pastor resignation letter.

What Should I Include in My Resignation Letter As A Pastor?

There are many elements that you must include in writing a letter of resignation as a pastor, such as a day you will officially quit the church, the reasons you quit, and plans while you are still at church or after you are not at church. You can also briefly introduce your replacement after you leave.

Besides, don’t forget to write your contact information, so everyone can keep in touch with you if they have something to ask. The resignation letter can be sent to the congregation, the church supervisor, or anyone you think needs to be informed.

How To Write A Good Pastor Resignation Letter?

In general, a resignation letter must consist of several aspects such as a header, introduction, body of the letter, and conclusion. You may be able to send the letter by e-mail or in person, but direct mailing is considered the most professional.

Simple Header

Make a simple header! In this part, you can write the contact details of the person you are going to inform. Then, write a short sentence about the purpose you are sending the letter, you can use an opening like “I am writing this letter to inform you ..”.

Brief Body

The body of your resignation letter should be brief but clear. State your reasons why you should resign from the church. Remember that you can convey this paragraph briefly.


Make your conclusion in a brief and positive tone. Let people who read your letter be impressed and felt valued. Some people may need to contact you, so don’t forget to include your contact.

Pastor Resignation Letter Example

After knowing a brief explanation of the resignation letter format, below is an example of a resignation letter as a pastor that you can take as a sample:

Dear Mr. Brown,

I am writing to inform you about my resignation as a pastor at Bless of God Ministries. I felt that I had to start doing service in Africa, I see many of our brothers are hungry and desperate. God has opened my heart to pay more attention to humanity and love to our brothers in Africa.

I have been gifted as a pastor and served the congregations at Bless of God Ministries. I always wish everyone in a good health. Regarding my resignation, I would be happy to recommend Stephen Dylan as my replacement. He is a person who is very full of love. If at any time you want to contact me, please feel free to contact me at (777) -7777-777.

Thank you for your availability to read and discuss my resignation letter. I am waiting for your reply.

Yours in Christ,


Pastor Kenneth Raphael

To Sum Up, you can send your pastor resignation letter to several people in the Church who you think need to be informed.



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