How to Write An Ideal Patient Termination Letter?

Every job always has certain consequences, especially if the job has to be dealing with many clients. As well as the relationship between doctors and patients, as a doctor, you may have dealt with several annoying patients, who are reluctant to pay bills, often miss appointments, even ignore your advice. If you feel you can’t handle them anymore, you can discontinue your relationship with them by writing a patient termination letter.

Can I Terminate My Patient?

You have a right to do a patient dismissal, especially if you think your patient has committed many violations. If your patient does any of the following violations, it means you need to take decisive steps to terminate him/her:

Always Show Emotion

There is nothing more terrible than a patient who gets angry every time he goes to your practice, especially if a patient dares to threaten or act harshly. In addition, patients who like to say harsh words must be terminated. They may become dangerous patients for your career.

Miss Appointments without Notification

If you often have patients who miss appointments and have trouble paying bills, it’s better to let them go. You have to think about other patients who also need your care, so your patients are willing to follow all the procedures properly. If your patients cannot follow the procedures well, you can terminate them by using a professional patient termination letter.

How to Write a Letter of Patient Termination?

If you decide to terminate your patient, you must officially inform the patient concerned. Your letter must include the exact date you no longer wish to undergo maintenance, preferably sent 30 days before the date of termination. Apart from that, your letter can also contain things like:

  • Your availability to forward the medical records of the patient to the doctor or health service who will treat the patient.
  • A detailedexplanation regarding the certain medical problems experienced by patients.
  • Recommendations from doctors or health services along with their names and telephone numbers.

Patient Termination Letter Sample

You can notice examples below for writing an ideal termination letter. However, adjust the reasons for dismissal according to the violations committed by the patient.

Dear Mr. Ginger,

This letter is to inform you that I will no longer be your doctor. I made this decision based on some violations you have committed. I will explain my reasons in detail in this letter. For information, I will provide emergency care after I send this letter, to be exact for one month. Apart from that, I am also still providing medical care for two weeks following the date of this letter.

Based on our records, you have made several violations such as not showing up for 5 consecutive appointments, even refusing to pay a fine according to the agreement that you have agreed to. In addition to often missing appointments without notification, you also often say harsh words and don’t want to follow my advice. You must have known that our office has several important policies that you should not violate.

I have also attached a medical release form which you can use easily. In accordance with applicable policies, we will also send your medical records to your new doctor or health service. Therefore, we need a written request letter to make medical records. Thank you for your attention.



Nelson Steward


Medical Release Form

Medical Bills

In short, it’s better to let your patients go if they have done many violations. Also, write your patient termination letter in a clear and concise paragraph.





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