How To Write A Resignation Letter for Transfer Within the Same Company

If you are working in a big company which owns several office branches in different areas, you might have the chance to be transferred to another office location. Although the transfer is actually within the same company, accountable actions have to be conducted to show the professional side of the employee. One of them is by sending a resignation letter for transfer within the same company. You might ask if it is really needed to do that since it is still under the same company. The answer is yes, it is important to let the employer know that you are moving to another office branch.

To Whom You are Sending the Resignation Letter?

If you are transferred to another office branch within the same company, send a resignation letter to the department manager in your current office. The intention to submit the resignation letter is to tell the last effective day in your current office as well as to show your gratitude after being an employee before starting a new position in a new office. The resignation you send to the manager has to be formal, consice, and professional with no grammatical error or mispelling. Make sure to review the letter before handing it out to the manager.

Sample of Resignation Letter for Transfer within the Same Company

Below is the example of a resignation letter for transfer that is submitted by an employee to the department manager of the current office. She is addressing the manager in the beginning of the letter then stating the last day in the office and showing the appreciation to the department and all the employees.

Dear Mr. Heru,

I am writing to officially resign from my position as a Sales Associate in First Company. As you know, I have received a transfer order to move to a new branch office of First Company in another city. My last effective will be on Friday, 25 September 2020. Please accept this letter as a two weeks prior notice as it is required by the company.

I have spent three years of career in this office and I learned a lot from the senior employees and the colleagues here regarding the sales marketing. I believe all the knowledge I received here would be beneficial for my career journey in a new office. I appreciate all the support and kindness that everyone has been sending me so far after hearing about the news of my transfer. It will be a new challenge and I cannot wait to give my contribution to the First Company from the new branch office.

I will bring the discipline, the positive culture and the great energy from this department to the new office. During the last two weeks here, I would try my best to help with the assistance of training replacement. If you need any further discussion, feel free to contact me at 222-111-333-444. I would be happy to answer it. Once again, thank you for the chance of being here. I wish the best for everyone in this office.



David Goodman

After reading the resignation letter for transfer above, we hope you are succesfully writing one and be ready with the new challenge in the new office.

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