A Guide of Writing a Resignation Letter to Clients

When you are working in a company or institution, sometimes you have to deal with so many clients which often become your own regular clients in the service that you offer. When a time for you to resign comes, not only to the company but you are sending a resignation letter to clients as well as an accountable action. By doing that, you show the clients that you appreciate your relationship with them.

What is Included in a Resignation Letter to Clients

Aside from sending the resignation letter to the employer, you need to do the same thing to your clients. In doing so, there are some tips to do it in a professional way. Although you may have met or dealt with specific clients, you need to keep the resignation letter to clients short, formal and concise with no grammatical mistakes or mispelling. Address the name of your client and start the letter by telling your decision along with the last day of your work. Tell them who will be in charge concerning the business with them and show your gratitude over the cooperation during the time you are workin with them. Make sure to keep the point clear and not to cause ambiguity.

Writing a Resignation Letter for Clients

If you are looking for a template of how to write a resignation letter to clients, you come to the right place as there is one below. It is a resignation letter that is written by a private tutor from a learning institution to a student’s parents.

Dear Mrs. Jackson,

I am writing this letter to regretfully announce that I will be leaving the ABC Course two weeks for now, which is on June 20, 2016. Thus, I am no longer be able to teach Mike in Mathematics in two weeks from now. The reason I decide to resign is because I need to focus on my education as I will be approaching my last semester. I am afraid that I cannot manage my time well and I do not want Mike to be taught by someone who is not fully concentrating in his study.

However, you do not need to worry because Albert will be taking over my position as Mike’s private tutor in Mathematics. He is an excellent and patient teacher and I am sure Mike will enjoy studying with him. While in the last two weeks, I will be teaching like in the schedule planned. In case you have questions regarding anything, you can contact me at 999-222-111-333.

I want to thank you for all the cooperation and I enjoy being a private tutor for Mike. He is an intelligent student with high enthusiasm to learn. He never gives up to any difficult question and I am proud to witness that. I am sure he will get even better with the assistance of Albert. Once again, it is been a pleasure to have you and Mike as my clients. I wish the best you and Mike as well.



David Brook

You can edit the resignation letter to clients above to fit your situation. Good luck!

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