What To Write In A Response to Resignation Letter?

Employee resigns from the workplaceeveryday as it is a common thing to happen. If one of your employees happens to resign, ideally you have to give the response to the resignation letter. It has to be a proper response and that should be given to all the employees who want to resign.

What is A Response to Resignation Letter?

As the name implies, the response to resignation letter is a formal letter sent by the employer to employee who wants to discontinue the working contract. It acts as the acknowledgement of the employee’s decision to leave the company. By sending the response to resignation letter, it shows professional business ethics that should be done in the workplace. Additionally, it means that the employer appreciates the employee after spending some time working in the company.

How to Write the Response to Employee Resignation

The response to the employee resignation has to be written in a clear and formal tone. The response letter is usually started by acknowledging the employee’sterminatingdecision and it is followed by the appreciation of the work for the company. Personal contact is necessarily added if there is any further questions from the employee. If the employer is welcomed by the return of the employee, it is better to state that in the response letter.

Sample of Response to Resignation Letter

Below is the example of respond letter sent by the manager to the employee who resigns after working for few years with the company. You may check the letter below and use it as the reference.

Dear Mr. Paul,

This letter is a response to resignation letter you sent last week on August 7, 2016. I have discussed your termination with other involved company members and we have come to the conclusion that we accepted your resignation. It is unfortunate that we have to lose a great and hard working employee like you. However, we approved how you want to resign because of the personal issue that you need to address.

In the resignation letter, you mentioned that the main reason of your termination contract with our company is because you have to move to another town to take care of your family members. While we agree that it is an important thing along with other reasons you stated in the letter, we are not ready to lose a competent employee like you. You have always shown a great responsibilty and excellence in your job no matter what the situation is. You have been such a valuable employee for us. However, this is an undeniable thing which unfortunately required you to choose between your family or job. I am sure it is not easy for you and we cannot hold you back for doing the right thing you need to do.

I will make sure you receive all the things you need to have including your last payment check. If you have any other thing you need to discuss with us, please contact me at 124-333-555-666. You can contact me or my assistance. I look forward to hear from you again and you are welcomed if you want to be back to company in the future. We wish you the best and we thank you for your cooperation during your work in our company.



Mrs. Thompson

After reading the sample of response to resignation letter above, I hope it will be easier for you to write one later. Good luck!

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