Writing a Restaurant Resignation Letter and Sample

If you decide to terminate your contract while working in a restaurant, you need to go through the process that is needed to be done. Telling the restaurant supervisor is one of the things you require to do. It can be done by writing a restaurant resignation letter to keep in professionalism at work until your last effective days.

Guideline in Writing a Restaurant Resignation Letter

In writing a restaurant resignation letter, you have to address the one who is in charge of the restaurant in the beginning of the letter. Explain your intention to resign and follow with the information of your last day at work. You need to include the reason why you decide to resign from your position and thank for the opportunity they give to you for working in the restaurant. Never speak ill of the experience you have and focus on the positive side. Make sure to give two weeks prior notice so that the restaurant will be able to handle your resignation smoothly.

Sample of Resignation Letter in Restaurant

Resignation letter is a document to inform your higher authority that you are no longer working with them. Therefore, it has to be formal, professional, and brief without flowery words inside. Sometimes, you may explain if there is an offer from another restraurant but you need to avoid comparison between the former workplace to a new one. Do not forget to include your contact number or email for further reference. Below is a restaurant resignation letter sent by an employee to the manager as she is getting an offer in another restaurant.

Dear Mrs. Brooke,

It is unfortunate that I am writing this letter to resign from my position as an assistant chef in Two Seasons Restaurant. I have recently received an offer from another restaurant to fill in a head chef and after a thorough consideration, I decided to accept the offer. My last effective will be on March 23, 2018. Please accept this letter as a my two weeks notice as it is required by the restaurant.

Duirng the two weeks I am working here, I would make sure to facilitate the restaurant to go through the transition and help with the replacement process. I have been joining the Two Seasons Restaurant for three years and I gained a lot of experiences and learned the skill from the professional in kitchen industry. I met a lot of colleagues who are passionate in culinary and it provides me a great environment to work and catch up with the latest development in culinary world.

Personally, I want to thank you for your trust and opportunity given to me. You showed me how to be a great leader in the kitchen and you always believe in my ability. It is hard to stop working here but I believe I need to keep moving forward to the new challenge to reach my career goal. Feel free to contact me in my number at 777-818-111-999 if there is further questions. I wish the best for Two Seasons Restaurant and thank you for your patience.



Sheila S.

After reading the sample restaurant resignation letter, we hope it will be easier for you to write one and good luck for your future endeavors. 

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