An Ultimate Guide About Termination Letter to Employer

Termination letter to employer is the formal letter from the employee to terminate the working contract with the company.It happens because the job does not suit with the employee’s skill, talent, salary or many other reasons.

How to Write Termination Letter to Employer

Writing a termination letter to employer resembles to writing a resignation letter. The information has to include the termination date, the reason why the employee decides to terminate the contract, the personal contact and the gratitude of the opportunity given to work to the employer. Although there is unsatisfactory reason behind the terminating decision, it is better to keep the letter in a positive manner to show the professional side of the employee. Additionally, the tone of the termination letter is formal.

Sending a Termination Letter via Email

When an employee is planning to discontinue the contract, it is the best to submit the termination letter to employer directly. It can be handed out to the supervisor or the Human Resources as it is more professional and proper. Although there is no restrictions in the method of sending the termination letter, it is always better to do it directly. You will be more appreciated.

Sample of Termination Letter to Employer

When you are in a position of wanting to leave the job and still have no clue to write the right termination letter, below is a sample that might help you. It is a termination letter sent by an employee who decides to discontinue her contract because she feels like the skill she has is not utilized fully in her current job.

Dear Mrs. Johansson,

Along with this letter, I would inform you about my terminating contract with the Bright Future Lessons. The date of my termination would be on July 1, 2015 and this letter is as a two-week prior notice as stated in the institution’s policy. This is a very hard decision to make during my whole career and it is definitely not easy to come with the final choice.

I have been spending my career with Bright Future Lessons for the past five years as an English teacher. I could not be happier to meet wonderful colleagues and students all this time and I thank you forthe opportunity given to me. There is always a tremendous support coming from everyone including you to me, like when I was chosen as the representative of the teacher in several projects and conferences. I gained a lot of experience during my teaching career with Bright Future Lessons.

It is unfortunate that my Master’s Degree major is not in line with the subject I am teaching now. As you read in my information, I received a Bachelor degree in French but I have never had any chance to teach France class during the time I am here. The first choice of the teachers are the teacher who are native in French. You said during my interview that I might have the chance to be the assistance of the French teacher in my second year but I have not met the chance.I enjoy teaching English but I want my skill to be utilized for my job as well. Recently, I received an offer to teach French class in a different district which is far from here but it is close to my family. Thus, I ask for your approval of my termination. Once again, thank you for the opportunity given to me and I learned a lot.



Mandy Swan


This is how you should write a termination letter to employer. Hope you have better idea about how write it.

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