Thank You Resignation Letter to Boss And Its Example

Quitting from a job might be a hard moment for some people. It is because the comfort situation of workplace, and helpful coworkers. Then if you spent a good time working with your boss, you possibly want to say something for the last time. Maybe you want to deliver your gratitude or express that he means to you. Before resigning, you have to write an official thank you resignation letter to boss. This can be a right way to show him your good will before quitting the job.

How do I resign if I like my boss?

Looking for a way to say goodbye to your boss probably can be more difficult than leaving the company itself. This may happen when you maintain a great working relationship with your boss. Therefore, you need to ensure your resigning process will not leave any hard feelings for you and your boss. These are the tips you can apply.

Start giving clues –you need to hide your resignation plan from your coworkers. It will be better for your boss to know the resignation plan directly from your hints. It is also to avoid making your boss upset because you seem like resigning in sudden.

Arrange an informal meeting–you should tell your boss face to face. When you decide to deliver such a breaking news, you better plan to prepare the real reason why you quit from the job. Ensure your reason does not underestimate your boss or the company.

Show a transition plan–you have to anticipate your resignation does not affect much on your boss and coworkers. Therefore, you must offer a help to your boss before you officiallyquit from the company. You also need to submit your thank you resignation letter to boss at least two weeks before the effective day.

What are the best notes to express gratitude?

Perhaps you still find difficulties to express your gratitude in a formal way. The key are just being honest and sincere. You can also compliment your boss sufficiently. Here are some recommendation of gratitude notes that might inspire you.

Thank you for being a great leader I’ve ever known!

It’s always been an amazing time to work for you.

You are the nicest boss I’ve ever worked with.

Thank you for always being an understanding leader.

I am eternally grateful to have you as my motivator at work.

You have my massive thanks.

I will never forget your support.

There are no words can show how you mean to me.

How do I write a professional thank you resignation letter to boss?

When you plan to quit from your job, you need to write a thank you resignation letter to boss.It should be professional and formal. The first thing you can do is using proper resignation letter. You need to beware of your diction and structure.Start with addressing your boss’ name appropriately. Then, give a specific reason why you resign. You should write the effective date you leave the company. After that you can add a salutation. Remind your boss about your experience during work in his company for several years. Also, deliver your gratitude and some good wishes for your boss and company. The last, don’t forget to add complimentary close, sign off, and your complete name.

Thank You Resignation Letter to Boss Example

Writing a good resignation letter can be a sensitive moment when you had a great working relationship with your boss. Here is an example of thank you resignation letter that might help you.

Dear Mrs. Nara,

I am writing this letter to assure my resignation from my position as a graphic designer at Grey Corps. It’s always been a great time to work in this company, but I have decided to move on to other city to seek for a new challenge. This resignation letter will be effective on July 20. With sadness, I submit my resignation letter three weeks before the due date, so I hope you will understand.

If there is something I can help due to my resignation transition, you can always reach me at (888)-999-7777 or I would be glad to dedicate my time to assist you in searching for a new candidate who is going to replace me. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if I am needed.

I am eternally grateful to have you as my boss. You have my massive thanks for showing me a great direction and cooperation during my time at Grey Corps. I am blessed to have the opportunity to work with you. There are no words to show how you mean to me. I will never forget your kindness and support. I hope you and the company continued success in the future.


I look forward to hearing from you.


Warm regards,




Stephanie Steel


So that’s all about thank you resignation letter to boss and the example. Hopefully, it will help you a lot.





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