All about UCLA Acceptance Letter and How to Get One

UCLA is one of the most prestigious universities in the United States which is located in California, Los Angeles. There are more that 100 academic majors offered within four academic divisions: Humanities, Life Sciences, Social Sciences, and Physical Sciences for undergraduates. An UCLA acceptance letter will come to you if you are the unique and outstanding candidate they are searching for.

The Criteria and How to Get Enrolled in UCLA

To get in there, they are not only choosing you through your academic achievement. But yes, academic achievement is a must. What you need to concern as a plus is the other category. Their admission staff will send an UCLA acceptance letter if you are an applicant who can shows their leadership, initiative, tenacity, and intellectual curiosity. They need someone who would likely makes a great contribution to UCLA learning environment. They will not see whether you are black or white because California low prohibits racism. So don’t worry, be optimistic and just try to apply to UCLA. They also consider about the diversity. The chance of your application to get accepted in UCLA will be even higher if you can highlight the uniqueness of your profile.

How Long will the UCLA Acceptance Letter Comes?

Since its popularity is worldwide, there are tons of applicants and the admission staff will review your applications in many stages. This, of course, will take a long time to finally decide which candidate will pass the admission.

About the time, a fall-term applicant who submitted their applications during November 1-30 filling period will get UCLA acceptance letter between March 1-31. The applicants who submit it late have to contact the campus admission about it.

What does the Official UCLA Acceptance Letter Look Like?

This is the sample of what an acceptance letter from UCLA will be. It is not a long letter with many details on how you will study and what kinds of facilities they have, but it has a contact information and an important information about your student ID and a link to your next step of the new world in UCLA. Make sure it has the right letter head with UCLA logo in it.

Dear Ms. Kingsleigh;

Congratulations! It is our great pleasure to inform you that your admission to UCLA for the Fall Quarter 2020 has been accepted. You are admitted to the UCLA College of American Literature and Culture as your academic major.

Your great academic achievements have impressed us. We hope, in the future, your energy, intelligence, and imagination will benefit us. Here, in UCLA, you will have full access to your acclaimed academic department, distinctive research programs, and a world-renowned faculty. You will also experience the diversity cultures you never met anywhere. This will gives you a new and challenging environment in which you are interested about. Those facilities above, we believe, will enhance your personal growth both in academic and non academic skills. For your next step, we provide The New Bruins Web (www.admissions. to get you some information about your housing application. Use your ID as UCLA student: XXXXXXXX.    

Enjoy your first door to the beginning of the exciting chapters in your life because in UCLA, you are going to learn about the world. Welcome to UCLA!



Dr. Vu Thanh Tran


University of California – Los Angeles

Those are some information related to UCLA acceptance letter. To get enrolled to UCLA is not only about academic achievements, you need to be different and outstanding. Good luck on it!


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