Voluntary Termination Letter Example And Some Tips You Might Need

If an employee decides to terminate the working contract in a company, he or she must submit a resignation letter. Then, if the company accepts the leaving of the employee, a voluntary termination letter will be given to acknowledge the termination issued by the employee. Although the decision is mostly on the employee, they still need to follow the rules of company by giving the resignation letter two-weeks before or more, depends of the policy of the company. By doing this, it helps the company to process the resignation and to have the stable transition within the company.

Is a Voluntary Termination a Bad Choice?

When it comes to voluntary termination, the decision is purely on the employee. In this matter, the company has little or no choice. The reasons for the voluntary termination are also various such as leaving for another job with better prospect and future career, continuing education, or simply moving to another area to meet the family’s decision. There is no way of bad choice for voluntary termination as the employee is expected to know his/her situation better before taking the decision to terminate the contract. After handing out thevoluntary termination letter, usually there are a number of procedures to be followed by the employee, such as holding an exit interview with the Human Resource Manager of the company.

What is InsidetheVoluntary Termination Letter

Basically, the letter submitted by the employee is similar to a resignation letter. Then, the voluntary termination letter is address by the company to the employee who wants to terminate the contract. Usually, it includes the information of the termination date and the last effective days of the employee, along with the final payment check. There are some conditions where companies want the employee to return the company’s property back. One of the most common example for this vehicle given to the employee during the working contract.

Sample of Voluntary Termination Letter

If you are thinking of terminating your contract early and still have no idea how to write the termination letter, check the sample letter below.

Dear Mrs. Roger,

This letter is to address your resignation letter that we received on November 12th, 2020. We are sorry that you have to come to the decision to leave the company as you have shown great length of work ethics during your career with us. As it is informed in your letter, you will resign effectively on December 1st, 2020. Thus, we accept the decision and the contract of your employement will be terminated on December 1st, 2020.

In your letter, you include the reason of your leaving to continue your education in the university in another country. We are proud to know the reason as you are eager to improve your skills that are needed for your future job. We definitely support your decision and wish you the best as you have so much potential to be better. Along with this, I enclose the information of the exit interview that would be held in the last week of your work. You can contact the assistant to confirm about the schedule of the exit interview at (999) 132-645-888 or via email at officemail@email.com.

Lastly, we ask you to return the company property on the last effective day and you will receive the last payment check for this month on December 1st, 2020. You may receive other company benefits that would be sent to your address by the end of the month.




Mr. Jack Downson


Now, we  hope you know how to write a voluntary termination letter. Good luck for your future career.

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