10+ Commercial Invoice Template

Commercial Invoice Template and Its Samples

An invoice is an itemized bill for the services provided to customers or goods sold to them. A commercial invoice template details the prices, the charges, and the terms of transactions. It can refer to as the sales invoice, too. In this article, we will focus on discussing it.

How to Come up with a Commercial Invoice

Here is how to come up with an invoice template:

  • Write your contact information!

The contact information to be written includes the name of your business or company, the address of your company, your telephone number, and email address.

  • Include additional header information

You should also include additional information in the header such as the invoice number in the upper right hand corner, the client’s abbreviation, the invoice number after the client’s abbreviation, the numerical date, and the current date at the upper right hand corner.

Besides, the billing period, the due date, the details of the client, the name of the individual or agency, and your client’s company address, telephone number, & email address should be included, too.

  • Add a section for the service rendered

In this section, you should list each service provided, describe the services, identify the services, include the completion date of each service, include the payment information for each service, list a lump sum amount for a specific service, list the working hours, and state the total invoice.

Tips to Come up with a Commercial Invoice

There are a few important tips to consider when you come up with a commercial invoice PSD template:

  • First, it will be better to discuss the fees & the best payment method with your client before sending the invoice.
  • Besides that, you should keep a throughout record of your invoices.
  • Then, you have to select the proper software to prepare the invoices.
  • If the due date of the payment is approaching & your client hasn’t cleared the payment yet, you should call him/her to assess how far he/she’s gone with the payment arrangement.
  • One more, finds out whether the client has policies concerning the invoice format!

Commercial Invoice Template Samples

You can use our commercial invoice sample template available here. You just need to pay a commercial printing for printing your custom invoice on a carbon paper or a receipt book. If you need the template samples online, you are on the right site because we provide a collection of PSD templates.

As a businessman, you are tasked to come up with PSD commercial invoice template. The information above will be helpful to come up with the best. An invoice template can aid you in creating the generation of commercial invoices used to be an easy exercise convenient for you.

Our commercial invoice template is free to download, easy to edit, and ready to print. The templates are also reusable. So, just feel free to pick your preferred template. Then, you can directly edit it using Adobe Photoshop to fit your needs. With our PSD template, you will be able to create an invoice easily.


Commercial Invoice Template Sample


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