Conference Invitation Free Template in PSD

Conference Invitation for Several Themes and Events

A conference is a big event that you must prepare properly and early. Moreover, you can also create a conference invitation to make sure the targeted people will attend. The design, layout, and content should adjust the theme and type of conference. People will decide whether the conference is worth their time or not. That’s why the design has to be professional and elegant.

Conference Invitation Idea and Purposes

For your information, the conference invitation has several types. You often see the poster and flyer that contains an invitation to attend a conference. This is called a public invitation. Anyone who can fulfill the requirement is eligible to be in this event. On the other side, there is a private invitation that you send to certain guests. Usually, it is for key speakers or experts.

Conference Invitation Design and Layout

The design and layout for the conference will adjust the theme and participants. In general, the layout must look professional. You can tell the quality of the event just by its poster and invitation. Therefore, it has to be designed properly.

Conference Invitation Contents

Conference invitation has contents that people recognize easily. It has a big title that explains what this event is about, including the necessary information. More detail will be explained in the below list.

  1. Title and name

It is called an invitation to a conference because the name and title imply such purpose. The title has to be specific and clear. It is not concert or entertainment events with a flashy and fun title. On the contrary, you can use formal words and official tone. The name represents the entire idea and content of the conference itself. It is readable and interesting, so people can grasp the concept in just a few seconds.

  1. Topic or theme

When preparing an invitation, you cannot forget the topic and theme. The style and design will follow both of them as references. For example, the topic is about sustainable energy, and the rest of the content will use this topic as the basis.

  1. Schedule

You cannot forget the schedule, such as the place, time, date, session, venue, and location. The date and time have to be valid. The conference is prepared at least three months before due time. Earlier preparation is preferable for up to one year. You can make several invitation versions based on the timeline. The first one is released without a fixed schedule, but there is estimation time. Two months prior event, you can introduce the last version of the invitation with complete components, including the schedule.

  1. Additional information

Some conferences require detail to make sure the guests know what they will get and expect. This part is usually for academic and business events.

Conference Invitation PSD Template

You can use the template for creating this kind of invitation. It will shorten your effort especially when you obtain the professional layout and design. The template samples can be used for business conference invitation, academic conference invitation, simple conference invitation, and annual conference invitation.  

The template utilizes PSD format as the main extension. PSD is the most popular format. You just need to download then open the PSD conference invitation templates through Photoshop.

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