10+ Email Invitation Template Example PSD Design

Email Invitation Template Samples for Different Purposes

An email invitation can be defined as an electronic means of sending an invite to an individual or a group of people to attend a particular event. This is a technological version of sending a traditional invitation. It is not only time-effective but also cost-effective. Now, let’s see this email invitation template.

Step by Step Writing an Invitation Email Template

Writing a PSD email invitation template requires you to follow these steps. First of all, you can start it by typing the recipient. Make sure that you write the email address correctly. If there is a wrong spelling, it will make you failed to send it.

Second of all, you will need to write the body of the email. In this step, what you should do is to type the content of the email. You should state the purpose of your email. For example, you send it to invite your employees to attend a meeting.

In the end, you are required to state a complimentary closing. In a formal situation, a complimentary closing is very important. For example, you may simply write “Sincerely yours”. It can be followed by your name. For example, you can see our email invitation template PSD below.

What Is Included in an Email Invitation Template?

There are at least 3 things to be included in an email invitation. The first is the recipient. This is the most important thing. Without it, you will not be able to send your email. You can add 2 or more recipients at one time.

Then, you should write the content. It is the body of the email invitation PSD. It relates to what event is for. You can also sate the reason why you invite the person. Another thing you cannot forget is the signature. If you do not know how to make a digital email signature, you can put your name simply.

Tips for Making an Effective Email Invitation Template

To make your email invitation effective, you need to know and follow these important tips. First of all, you are required to use formal language. With a formal language, it creates a professional impression. In fact, an email invitation is mostly used in a formal situation.

Besides that, you must be straightforward. You have to be to the point for explaining your purpose. One more, you should be polite in writing a PSD email invitation. It means you cannot force the recipient to attend the event.

Email Invitation Template Samples

This article contains a collection of templates that will work for your desired email invitation. One of the examples is a lunch invitation email template. Besides that, there is also a business invitation email that may fit to your needs.

Of course, there are still many other samples such as interview email invitation, survey email invitation, meeting email invitation, birthday email invitation, wedding email invitation, etc. Make sure that you pick an email invitation template that really meets your need. You can also edit it using Photoshop.

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