10+ Magazine Cover PSD Template Free

Magazine Cover Template And What To Understand Inside It

Magazine cover has an essential function, especially to amaze the targeted readers. Through a good cover, I am sure that the readers will get more attention to the magazine. That is why a maker of a magazine should know about the magazine cover template to create a good cover.

Yes, making a cover for a magazine is not an easy task. These are some matters to be done with some elements to be included. Through the template, making ways will be easier. Of course, you do not need to make the cover from a blank document.

The PSD template free for magazine cover will provide the default shape to be considered. All you need to do are choosing the interesting template and then personalize the cover.

Different Types of Magazine Cover Design

In considering the example PSD design to make a good magazine cover, you will find some different types of it. Well, the different types of magazine cover can be the consideration to create a stunning cover.

Some different types of magazine cover designs are:

  • Image-based magazine cover

The image-based magazine cover becomes the most common type to be applied in creating a magazine cover. As its name, this type of magazine will use a single image as the focal point for the cover. In common, the people in the cover is one of the most important parts of the magazine.

  • Illustration-based magazine cover

The illustration-based magazine cover is also a popular idea to create a good magazine cover. The cover here is very interesting with the abstract illustration and it offers something stunning there to amaze the readers.

How to Make a Good Magazine Cover?

As we have said before, these are many options for the template-free PSD to help you make a good magazine cover with easier ways. However, you still need to know how to shape the magazine cover with the best result.

Some ways to make a good magazine cover in minutes are:

  • Select the magazine size

Size becomes the most important matter of the magazine and it will influence the result and the cost of the production. Choose the rectangular dimension for the magazine and apply the right size for it.

  • Choose the right theme

Choosing the theme is also important to shape the magazine cover. The samples of the free PSD template will be available with different themes. Consider some themes and then find the most appropriate theme that is in line with your content.

  • Drop-in a compelling image

An image becomes a very essential matter for the magazine cover. Here, you need to drop-in a compelling image to build a good effect. Choose the best image from the stock and maximize the look of the cover.

  • Brand the magazine

Branding is the key to success. Here, you can brand the magazine by creating a great cover. Use the right font to make the cover readable.

On Canva, we have several ideas of business plan template example PSD design, including the magazine cover template. Scroll the samples and get the most interesting template to make a wonderful magazine cover.

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