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Media Kit Template and Things to Know Inside It

Do you ever hear about the media kit template? Well, a media kit is an important document consist of brief information about your product, event, or business. In common, a media kit is applied in a special event and for delivering complete information for journalists to help them write their news.

One of the main points of the media kit is to catch the eyes of the journalists and make them get the desire to write an article or do an interview. Something that you need to know, in the past, a media kit was presented in a cardboard folder. However, today, these are many other shapes of a media kit.

Since a media kit is an important matter, especially for business reasons, of course, you need to be careful to make it. I am sure that making a media kit sometimes is challenging. However, today, you may find the customizable PSD design template of it to ease you create the best media kit.

Benefits of Media Kit to be Known

As we have said before, a media kit is an important simple document to be known. That is why you need to be careful in finding the customizable PSD template to make it. However, what is its importance?

The media kit will be useful to give you control. It means that you can direct your acting to be someone you want to be based on the detailed information inside the media kit. I am sure that it is like a drama but for the business, it sometimes is needed.

On another hand, a media kit also will save time. In common, when you meet with the new clients, there will be lots of questions about the company to be asked. Here, you can use the media kit to show the basic information about the company.

What to Include Inside a Media Kit?

I am sure that the samples of a media kit in PSD photoshop will help you to make it. However, you need to know what to include inside this document. Some matters to be included when you make a media kit are:

  • Company backgrounder

The first matter to be included inside a media kit is the company backgrounder. It becomes the basic information to explain about your company. Through this part of a media kit, you can be consistent in answering the questions.

  • Management

When you see the sample of a media kit in photoshop free download, you may see the space to write the management. Yes, detailed members of the management should be shown. It will add more important information, especially about the job divisions.

  • Products

Like a business card template free PSD, the media kit also should consist of a detailed product. This media can be an alternative tool for promotion. Write about the detailed product and start an effective promotion.


Of course, these are some other information that you need to include inside the media kit. To ease you in making this document, you can use Canva and find the best media kit template there.

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