Wedding Dinner Invitation Template Free PSD

Best and Free Wedding Dinner Invitation Templates

A wedding day is one of the most important and memorable moments in someone’s life. It is every individual’s wish to make this day last long in memories. Although wedding customs vary across cultures, nations, or religions, it is customary to hold a wedding dinner after the holy matrimony. Well, the wedding dinner invitation should be made carefully because it will be delivered to relatives and your beloved ones.


What should be written on the Wedding Dinner Invitation?

 1. The Couples’ Names

Whether you will put the groom’s name first or the bride’s, one thing in common is that you should write the names incomplete.

2. The Date & time

Date and time should also be included in the wedding dinner invitation; otherwise, people won’t know when you are holding the dinner. The date should be listed in complete format, starting from date, month, and year. As for the time of the event, you should indicate if it is in the afternoon, or the evening. People will be delighted to know that they arrive at the right moment to share the celebration with you.

3.  The Location

It is advised that you list the venue as detailed as it can be. At the very least, it should include the venue name, street address, and city. Some invitations also include a small map on how to reach the venue, so people from outside the city can find it without getting lost.

4.  The Request Line

A request line is a section on the wedding dinner invitation where you invite the guests to attend the dinner. This section requires you to write it in formal language to respect the occasion, which is a wedding. Or, if you only invite several closest friends of yours, you can use casual language.


The Wedding Dinner Invitation Monogram

Also, the monogram is a symbol that’s usually formed from the first letter of the married couple. The purpose of having this designed neatly is to provide initials from the couples. The monogram can also be made into a wax seal or an opening logo on the invitation. You should have the most beautiful monogram designed, especially for you since it is once in a lifetime opportunity.


The Wedding Dinner Invitation PSD Templates

Since you will not make a lot of changes to the design if you already find a suitable design that matches your taste, it is recommended to get the invitation in PSD format. The templates usually have a color palette ranging from the ones that use flowery design and bright color to the ones that use simple, classic design and rather dark yet majestic color. You can choose the template that suits you and your partner’s taste.


The Printable Wedding Dinner Invitation

Wedding dinner invitation templates are usually set to be printable. The formatting of words, size, and design layouts are customized according to the designers’ preferences. However, you can always tweak it a bit, and it will be ready to be your happiest day dinner invitation. 

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