The Most Polite Way to Write An Apology Letter to Teacher

An apology letter to teacher is a written apology from students or parents addressed to the teacher. This letter will have a better impression if it is written directly by the student concerned, but if the student is too young to write an apology letter, then parents should represent their child’s apology. On the other hand, a letter of apology can also make children understand more about responsibility and discipline.

How to Apologize to Teacher Politely?

Everyone often makes mistakes to other people, including their teachers. If you are one of the students who has hurt your teacher, you need to apologize to your teacher most politely. Here’s how to apologize to your teacher:

Develop a Plan

Think about the mistakes you have made, formulate what you will say or write into the apology. Then determine the most appropriate time to apologize.

Express Regret

Express your regret by saying that you apologized for an upset action to the teacher. Make an immediate apology in a straightforward manner, so your teacher can accept it well.

Promises Will Not Repeat The Mistake

Whatever mistakes you made, reveal that you will not repeat them in the future. Commit to having a better attitude.

What Are The Steps To Write An Apology Letter?

If you want to apologize by writing an apology letter, you can produce the best-formatted apology letter to teacher:


Like any business letter, an apology letter should start with a good salutation. You must already know the name of your teacher, so you can say hello.


Respect your teacher by expressing that you respect him/her. This will result in a great opening, so your teacher will read the letter more comfortably. Apart from that, you would also like to express your gratitude because you have been assisted in improving your academic abilities.

Explain what happened

Don’t use long-winded sentences, write the mistakes you’ve made, so it is appropriate for you to apologize. Then apologize in person and say that you won’t do it again.


Write a conclusion by saying thank you and “Sincerely yours”.

Apology Letter to Teacher Example

The following is a simple format of an apology letter that you can use as an example:

Dear Mr. James,

I am truly sorry for the mistake I made the other day. I didn’t do my homework and ditching during your class. By my careless actions, I have hurt and disappointed you. I regret it and promise not to do it again.

You are a great teacher, Mr. James. You have made my understanding of history better, the learning methods you are using are simple but very suitable for my way of learning. Unfortunately, I have disappointed you by not doing my homework and skipping your class, I did it because I was having problems with my parents. I know that I shouldn’t have brought personal matters to school. I was prepared to accept all the consequences of the indiscipline that I have done. I am truly sorry and have learned many valuable things from this mistake.

I hope you will always be an excellent teacher, Mr. James. I respect you. I will prove that I will not repeat my mistakes.

Sincerely yours,


Daniel Parker

In short, your apology letter to teacher must be written in a concise and straightforward format, but don’t forget to be polite and elegant.





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