What Are The Aspects of Apology Letter for Plagiarism?

Everyone will be disappointed if their writing is claimed and plagiarized by others. No institution justifies plagiarism, be it in elementary schools or universities and workplaces. There are several consequences that you must accept if you are proven to commit plagiarism. However, if you have already committed acts of plagiarism, you should apologize and write an apology letter for plagiarism. After that, don’t commit the fraudulent act anymore if you don’t want to be accused.

What Are The Consequences of Plagiarism?

It has been stated that an act of plagiarism will cause many consequences. Here are several consequences of plagiarism that can harm the doer:

Ruined Reputation

Plagiator will be considered as cheaters, so it can destroy their self-esteem. If the plagiarists are employees, they will lose their job. In addition, they will also find it difficult to get other new jobs. Whatever one’s profession, if they are proven in doing plagiarized, then their career or reputation can be destroyed.

Prosecuted Legally

If someone uses someone else’s idea without including a source, then the author can sue him/her legally, and even get the plagiator sentenced to prison. In the field of writing, plagiarism is an action that is taken seriously both from an ethical and legal standpoint.

Lost of Trust

If you are a High School student or student in the university who commits plagiarism, then you will lose the trust of people such as teachers or lecturers. It’s better to apologize sincerely and promise not to do it again, you can write an apology letter for plagiarism to your teacher or lecturer.

How to Write A Letter of Apology for Plagiarism?

If you have committed plagiarism, you should immediately make a written apology. Your letter of apology should consist of at least three paragraphs in a formal style. You can start the letter with an apology, and then acknowledge the mistakes you’ve made. The next paragraph can be written on how to fix your mistakes and promise not to repeat your mistake.

Apology Letter for Plagiarism Example

Here is an example of an apology letter that is written by a student who has committed plagiarism for his last paper:

Dear Mrs. Emma,

I want to apologize for the plagiarism I did on my last paper. I just realized a big mistake I made because I stole other people’s writing from the internet. I shouldn’t have done it, I knew plagiarism was a serious mistake. Maybe my paper has good writing, but it’s useless because it’s not the result of my thoughts.

I’ve learned a lot from the mistakes I made while doing plagiarism. I am also committed to not plagiarizing again in the future, I have learned from this mistake. I also realized that it was better to get a bad grade but the result of my hard work, than a high score but the result of plagiarizing others.

I am sorry for my mistakes. I appreciate you, your class, and my education and school. Thank you for your generosity in giving me a light punishment. I hope to become a more competent and independent individual in the future.

Thank You,


Miller Stuart

All in all, if you have plagiarized in any written form, you must sincerely apologize using an apology letter for plagiarism. After that, promise yourself to not repeat it in the future.




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