Appreciative Resignation Letter And Its Sample

When you had a good time and built a strong bond with your employer and coworkers in the workplace, you probably will be sad when you decide to resign from the company. The best thing you need to do is writing an appreciative resignation letter to your employer. You can deliver your feelings during you work in the company, show how grateful you become the part of the team, and thank for the great opportunities they provided for you. This will be a good manner to assure your employer that you just take the good things during work in the company and want to resign peacefully.

What Should I Say When I Decide to Resign?

Obviously, when you decide to resign, you should inform some important points to your employer. It is must be formal, professional, and straightforward. You can show your gratefulness for getting the great opportunity during working in the company, your appreciate to your employer and coworkers, a brief enlightenment of your resignation reasons, an offering to contribute in the transition, your leaving date, and your future plan.

How Do I Resign Professionally?

There are a lot of reasons to quit from your current job, maybe you experienced a bad thing with your coworkers. However, it is important to keep a good reputation in the company. Therefore, resigning can be a stressful for some people and it is not as easy as submitting a resignation letter. To resign professionally, you can do the following tips:

Follow your company rules –you have to remember your contract. Do not quit your job if the contract period still leave a long time or you will pay for the penalty. Beside, it is a form of respect to the company guidelines.

Do face-to-face notification –you need to see your employer directly. You can talk to your employer first that you want to quit from the job. After that, you may submit your appreciative resignation letter.

Keep it positive –you should show your gracious for being given the opportunity to work in the company. Also, you are better to keep in silence about your dissatisfaction in the company. Do not throw mud to your employers and coworkers out there, especially in the social media. You have to leave a positive impression for the company.

How Should I Write The Appreciative Resignation Letter?

If you want to write an appreciative resignation letter for your employer, you need to show your sincere appreciation in a professional way. Start from the first paragraph, you have to notify the employer about the time and reasons of your resignation. After that, you should include your phone numbers and email. Perhaps your employer will help your transfer in your new company or only keep in touch with you. The last, you have to express your sincere appreciation and gratitude for the opportunity and chance given by the company. Don’t forget to give your signature and clear name.

Appreciative Resignation Letter Sample

Writing this kind of resignation letter might be difficult for those who have not experienced in resigning from a job. Thus, we provide you a sample of appreciative resignation letter below.

Dear Mr. Alfian,

I am writing to inform you that I would like to resign from my position as a General Manager at PQR Company. It is because I am going to pursue my Doctoral studies in the Manchester near the future. This would be effective from March 23. Please kindly accept my resignation and get rid me from my projects or duties after the mentioned date.

I am willing to assist in any possible way to ease my departure as soon as possible. I will complete all of my duties and handover the upcoming projects to the other team members. You can reach me at (567)9996-9999 or at

I would like to thank for all the great opportunities and experiences that I got from PQR Company. I am truly grateful for working and gaining in the team. I am going to miss all of the employers and staff and I wish we all continued to success.

Thank you in advance for your response


Yours sincerely,






That is all the shortsummary about appreciative resignation letter and its example. We wish you good luck.





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