Making A Congratulations Letter On Your Retirement Letter To A Coworker

Retirement is both a sad and happy moment; like a hello and goodbye situation. When that happens to you, surely you want at least one or two of your coworkers to send some congratulations on your retirement letter that shows how they have been appreciating you. Making and sending a retirement letter can show how precious your coworker is to you. Not only to send them leave, but also to support them and make a memento. In this article, we will show you how to make a good and memorable one. 

What Do You Need To Do To Make A Memorable Retirement Letter?

Write a congratulations on your retirement letter in a beautiful paper. Some people may just be too shy and will just write it in a Microsoft  Word document and send it by email, but that’s really inappropriate. Be brave and just show how you care about them. Writing it in a paper you decorate by yourself can warm their heart. It shows that you cherish them well. At least make it readable and simple not to ruin the content of the letter. You also can ask your friend to contribute in it. Having some people to make it might be fun and all.

What Are The ‘Must’ Contents In Making Congratulations On Your Retirement Letter?

  1. Salutation
  2. Congratulatory
  3. Showing their contributions (about works and their characters) to the company
  4. Wishing them well
  5. Latest news about their life’s plan
  6. How to stay in touch
  7. Friendly gesture

An Example Of A Good Retirement Letter

Here is the example of congratulations on your retirement letter made by some coworkers to their supervisor.

Dear Karen,

Congratulations on your retirement! We heard the news that you will leave this company on January 7, 2020. We understand your health condition, and we want the best for you. Hope everything will be much better in the future for you and for us. We have been growing together and through a lot in this company. No one can replace you. You have already done a great job and we will continue your hard work here.

We will surely be missing your advice, voice, and laugh. Losing you is like losing a family member. It is hard to let you go, but don’t worry about us. You can leave everything to us. We have learnt about how to work in an effective and fast way from you. You have been saving us a lot with your determination and hard work to finish the work earlier than the target. You have been the best supervisor ever. Thank you so much for all these years. You mean a lot to us.

We also heard about your departure to Alaska next week. We wish you a safe flight and have a good time on your trip. May you have a joyful time with all of the people there. Don’t forget to keep us updated about you on Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp. We would like to listen to your story about your new life. Hit us up soon.

Sending loves and hugs to you,


Ann, Ashley, Will, and Mathias

That’s all you need to know to make a good congratulations on your retirement letter. Hope that it can spark you some inspirations to start making it!  


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