Constructive Discharge Resignation Letter – Things To Know

Sometimes, an employee has to be in the position when s/he needs to submit the constructive discharge resignation letter to the employer. This is explained as a situation when the employee does not want to resign by her/himself, rather s/he resigns because of the actions of the employer. This may not be the best scenario to experience at work but if you happen to be in this situation, the best thing you can do is to resign in a good manner, to show that you handle it professionally.

Examples of Constructive Dismissal

There are some situations which lead to the employee’s constructive dismissal resignation. Some of them are explained in the following list:

Harassment or Abuse

The harassment can be received either physically or mentally by the employee. This situation cannot be tolerated and the only way to avoid this is to quit the job. You may talk to the Human Resources about this and find some help.


Many constructive discharge resignation letter is written by this reason. Discrimination can be broad, either racial discrimination, belief discrimination and many more. No one deserves to be treated different, moreover worse, than others just because of the different race or belief they have. If this is happening in daily basis, talk to someone with higher authority that you trust and ask for some assistance.

Is Constructive Discharge Illegal?

Now, when you ask if this type of dismissal is illegal or not, it is not necessarily an easy task for the employee to say. If the employee has clear proof of how the intolerable work situation forced them to resign illegally, then the employee can claim the constructive discharge and bring the lawsuit to the legal terms. However, this can be a long and exhausting process to go to the court and process the claim. Make sure you consider the decision well or contact the lawyer to understand the situation and get a better judgment about it.

Writing a Constructive Discharge Resignation Letter

In writing a constructive discharge resignation letter, the format is similar to the resignation letter in usual basis, you include the statement that you want to resign and the last effective date, your contact details if desired, and the gratitude of the experiences you have while working so far. Below is an example of a constructive discharge resignation letter that can be as your reference.

Dear Mr. Harry,

I am writing to you to submit my resignation, which is hugely influenced by the supervisor. The work environment has been too hard for me during the past months and it is unfortunate that I could not cope with it any longer. My last effective day at work will be on November 25th 2010 and this letter would be my two-week resignation notice as per the company’s policy.

I would help the company to go through the transition so that everything will be handled well by th training department. I want to thank the opportunity given to me to experience working in this company with some people being supportive to me even though it is hard for me mos of the time because of the unfair treatment that I have received from my supervisor.

If you still have any questions regarding my resignation, please contact me at 123-045-456 or through my email on Thank you for your understanding.



Hugo Keaton


So, this is an example of a constructive discharge resignation letter. Hope you can have some ideas about it and how to write it.

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