Fellowship Recommendation Letter And The Example

Competition in the world of work is getting harder and more difficult every year. If applicants rely on transcripts without any experience, the opportunity to join in the industry is also getting smaller. Various things should be done by job seekers, like asking for letters of recommendation from several experts or clients. One of the most famous formats is a fellowship recommendation letter to help your experienced colleague in getting a fellowship. If you are planning to write this format, you have to notice several important elements.

Why Does A Recommendation Letter Be Important?

Letter of recommendation always has an important role. Without this letter, an applicant uses only a cover letter and transcript, which would not interest the hiring manager. Unlike the applicants who add letters of recommendation, they may give a better impression to the hiring manager.

As you know, a recommendation letter will contain several good things, ranging from skills, talents, positive attitudes, and reasons why someone is being recommended.

How To Write A Fellowship Recommendation Letter?

There are some important things you need to observe before writing a recommendation letter. Like these following things:

Make sure you know the Person

Letters of recommendation should not be written in half. You must know very well who the person you are recommending, not to write a letter with an exaggerated impression that does not consist of facts. Remember, you will be held responsible for the recommendation letter you write.

Detail information

You must firmly state why recommending that person to get the fellowship. State in detail and short starting from the skills, strengths, contributions, and how does he/she solve a problem at work.

You Know the Field

You can’t possibly write a letter of recommendation if you don’t have the same field as him/her right? Being in one field with the person you are recommending will ensure the recruiter that you know the person well.

Fellowship Recommendation Letter Example

Writing a recommendation letter will feel easy if you pay attention to several important aspects as mentioned above. Furthermore, you can see an example of a recommendation letter below before starting your writing.

Dear Dr. Jane

I am writing this letter to recommend Dr. Jennifer for the surgical fellowship at XYZ Hospital. Dr. Jennifer has demonstrated her skills and intelligence over the years at our hospital without the slightest disappointment. All of her coworkers loved her, including the patients who were always happy when she walked into their room. Our hospital has no fellowship, I hope you can give this opportunity to Dr. Jennifer. I am sure that you will be very satisfied with her job.

In our hospital, no one can do a job as hard as Dr. Jennifer. She is willing to stay on holiday to care for patients who need her care. Besides being talented, she also has a high sense of humanity.

Our facility might miss her a lot, but it would be unfair if I don’t recommend a doctor as great as Dr. Jennifer in this fellowship. If you want to ask more about her, please feel free to contact me at (555)-5555-555 or by email at dalton@email.com. Thank you for your attention.



Dalton Hammington, M.D.

XYZ Hospital

In short, we hope you can find inspiration by reading our brief explanation about the fellowship recommendation letter and its sample above.


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