Office Birthday Invitation Free Download PSD

Various Designs for the Office Birthday Invitation

The celebration of the office’s birthday often involves some stakeholders. Besides the employees, some offices also invite loyal clients to celebrate their birthday. The office birthday invitation is one of the important things that need to be prepared before the party. In this case, the invitation is the first thing to be prepared because it should be published before the D-day.

Various Types of Birthday Office Invitation

Knowing that the guests of the office birthday party are not only employees, there are some designs to be used in the invitation.

  1. Cheerful design

You can put fun and playful design, starting from picking up the icon of the party based on the selected theme. The color should be various, and it usually takes a bright color as the background.

  1. Semi-formal design

Since the guests are also some important people in the company, you can’t use the same invitation to them. Making it to be semi-formal in inviting the clients is the best option for all. However, don’t forget to use the same selected theme as the basic idea for office birthday invitation design

Designing the PSD Office Birthday Invitation Card

Some tips can make the design process of the office birthday invitation card easier. The following are the details of them.

  1. Provide Vital Content

A good invitation should include key information for the guests. Make sure the basic information about location, time, dress code, or special orders is included.

  1. Pick a visual theme

Designing this invitation can be started by picking a visual theme that fits the event best. Use colors and pictures that are customary for the event. If there is a special color scheme for the party, it will help you in picking the theme.

  1. Make the image stand out

An invitation card will always have a picture, even at least one picture. A great image of the party concept or great drawing of the icon can turn into the amazing showpiece of the design that people will want to hold on to.

  1. Fancy Finishes

The finishes of the invitation can make all the difference. To make it stand out, try to give the last correction to all details that you already made.

Easy Design of Office Birthday Invitation

As designers, the number of jobs you may have will push you to work faster than anyone else. Therefore, the best trick to have the best outcome with lesser time is by having a quarter start faster than before. The faster start may be helped by the existence of the template. This template will never negate your quality as a designer because the unique outcome will attract people’s interest more than the process.

Editable PSD Template for Office Party Invitation

The editable template will take a big part in creating the office party invitation. The PSD template will help you to gain the ideas in change the old type design. The up-to-date template will help you to research what the thing that’s now being the trending, and how to follow it up to create a difference in your works. 

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