One Week Notice Resignation Letter and Its Template

Ideally, the standard minimum of sending a resignation letter to the boss is at least two weeks before the effective day. However, sometimes you are in the position where you need to do it almost in the last minutes, one week for example. Your boss probably will be more understood if you send him or her a one week notice resignation letter. It is a proof that your intention to resign is serious and also a form of prevention further problems for the company and your team. The letter is similar with the general resignation letter, but you need to add more details. Let’s check the following explanation.

Can I give seven days’ notice resignation letter?

Actually, seven days’ resignation notice can be categorized as a sudden time to tell your boss about your resignation. Your boss probably will be surprised and overwhelmed to adjust some of the ongoing projects which include you in the team. He or she also might be confused to seek for a candidate who is going to replace you in one week. However, time is mostly a matter of custom. If you really have a great reason to leave the job in seven days, your boss will be understood. You need to keep professional relationships with your former boss by sending him or her a one week notice resignation letter.

When is the best time to leave a job immediately?

It is only you who understand about the best time to quit from your current position. Mostly, people will decide to resign as soon as they get a better job in another company, following with the higher salary. Perhaps, there is also a rush condition when you need to leave the job. For instance, your wife is sick and you cannot leave her alone in the hospital, but you also feel bad with your boss because you are absent too often. No matter it is, you still have to write a resignation letter to your boss. It is important to avoid from burning any bridges between you and your boss.

How should I write the immediate resignation letter?

This letter is similar with the general resignation letter. The first thing you need to write is your statement of regret that you quit from the job immediately. Then, you should add the detailed reasons so your quick resignation makes sense. Inform if there are still unfinished projects left at the office. Offer that you can be called anytime if your previous team still needs you. Ensure you also include gratitude statement as well as your apology because of this resignation. It will be better if you have two copies of the one week notice resignation letter which will be addressed to your supervisor and HR Department.

One Week Notice Resignation Letter Example

Writing an immediate resignation letter might be hard for you because you feel bad to your boss. Thus, we provide you with the following example.


Dear Mr. Gyu Jin,

I regret telling you that I am writing this letter to inform that I am planning to resign from Once Again Company, effective October 16, 2020. The reason why I am resigning is because I got accepted in another job offer which I would like to start immediately.

Please kindly accept this resignation letter as my official notification of resignation from Once Again Company. I am terribly sorry for this incovenience which my sudden resignation will cause you and other team members work harder. Regardless, I will attempt to make this transition as smooth as possible.

I am going to inform my coworkers about my intention to resign and still finish my ongoing projects with them. I always can be reached by phone at (444)-666-7777 or email at

I do appreaciate all of my experience that I have with Once Again Company and believe it will be beneficial for me in the future. I always wish you and my coworkers the best. Thank you for your understanding.


Warm regards,



Song Na Hee

Project Director of Once Again Company


That is all the brief summary about one week notice resignation letter. We wish it will make you easier in writing the letter.



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