The Example of A Resignation Letter for a Job You Just Started

Have you ever wanted to submit the resignation letter for a job you just started? It may sound like an unusual idea but it happens to some people when they feel that their new jobs do not suit them – with whatever the reasons may be.If you are in this position right now, what you need to do is preparing the resignation letter. No matter how short the period the job you are doing right now, the process of resignation is just the same like resignation done by employee who has been around for years. Do not mistakenly think that the short period of working does not require you to write the resignation letter. It does not work that way.

Results of Quitting a New Job

Being a new employee does not guarantee that you will like the work. It happens when you do not enjoy and decide to submit the resignation letter for a job you just started. However, there seems to be a weird position when you are a new kids on the block and you want to resign just few weeks or months after getting into the company. So, is it okay if you quit the job you just had? It is purely the employee’s decision to do so but you need to know the consequences that you are submitting the resignation letter for a job you just started.

Damage Your Own Reputation

Quitting the job in short time period will make no-good to your reputation. It will be shown in your resume and the next job you are applying will definitely ask you about that. It is a little risky as the new job you are applying might think that you can do the same to the the company.

Getting Blacklisted

The chance that you are getting blacklisted by the company is bigger when you only spend few months, even weeks, before quitting.It means that you cannot reapply to the company. The opportunity given to you is turned down because you resign quickly and they have to go through another hiring process to find the replacement. It sounds fair anyway.

How to Quit a New Job

Before submitting the resignation letter for a job you just started, you need to consider carefully. Think about the possibility of staying, what makes it good for you. If you still have no way back to the job, then prepare your resignation letter and give prior notice. Hand in personally and be professional until the last day at work.

Writing a Resignation Letter for a Job You Just Started

Below is how to write a resignation letter for a job you just started. It has to be clear, concise and polite.

Dear Mr. Ray,

With this letter, I inform you that I will be resigning from my sales position in XYZ Company. While I have enjoyed a month of working here, I have received an offer to work in another company which suits to my professional goals. I know I have just started working for a month therefore I make sure that I will be help the company to find the replacementuntil my last day which will be on February 20, 2014. Please accept this letter as a three weeks notice prior my resignation.

I am sorry if I cause any inconvenience regarding my resignation. If you have any question to me, please kindly contact me at 222-333-444-555 or my email at I will return the message as soon as possible.

Once again, thank you for the opportunity given to me during the past month. I am grateful for the experience. Thank you for understanding.





Here it is, the sample of resignation letter for a job you just started. Hopefully it helps you. Consider again before resigning and good luck!

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