Resignation Letter From Fulltime to Part-Time And Its Sample

Some of you might feel overwhelming in the workplace due to health or personal problems. At the same time, you don’t want to quit your job as it will lead to financial problems. If your company allows you to switch it to a part-time employee, then you probably will need to submit the resignation letter from full-time to part-time.

Can I Switch From Full-time To Part-time?

The rules of changing from full-time to part-time employee vary from company to company. Your boss might allow you to switch to part-time employees without agreement. The most important thing to know about this matter is the contract, the company’s policy, and many more. In several cases, you still can request to be a part-time employee and your boss might willingly change it if your switch doesn’t affect the business a lot.

Do I Have To Give An Early notice Before Switching To Part-time?

There are some terms and agreements that must be agreed upon by both parties. In terms of the early notice, it is always better to talk about it earlier and submit the resignation letter from full-time to part-time.

How To Ask My Boss To Make A Part-Time Employee?

Always and always check the company’s policy

It takes a lot of time to check your company’s policy. You can ask some part-time people in your office if they have the same thing as yours. If they have been working there as a part-timer since the hiring process, then you need to re-check your policy and then apply a resignation letter from full-time to part time.

Prepare your case

It is important to prepare your case for why you need to switch employment status. Always be honest with your boss so both of you can take the best consideration.

The Example of Resignation Letter From Fulltime To Part-Time

Dear Ms. Shieblle


I would like to inform you about my official resignation letter as a full-time writer in ABC company and asking for your permission to switch my status as a part-time employee.

Since I am currently close to the new semester, I am preparing for my study in the university so my last day of the full-time job will be   December 30, 2020. After that schedule, I will be working as a part-time schedule.

I am sorry for the inconvenience that occur in this situation. During my last days of a full time employee, I will work as hard as I can and will be willingly help in some transition work if needed. If you need some clarification and discussion, feel free to contact me at (555)5656-5656 or by email at

I am feeling grateful for all the chances, experiences and knowledges I have got from this company. I am also thankful for letting me work with reduced hour. I am looking forward about the future regarding this position. This job has helped me a lot in terms of skills and my personal life. Thank you very much for the understanding.

Yours Sincerely


Ananta Kahoot

Content Writer

ABC Company

Switching to a part-time employee is not a bad thing when you have something more important to fix. As long as your boss allows you, you can go for it and then write the resignation letter from fulltime to part-time.

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