A Short Notice Resignation Letter: Why And How To Make It

One day, out of your plan, you might have to resign from your workplace in a sudden way. Health problem, a new and promising job, or any out of the blue condition can make you leave the current job. In order not to cause any hindrance your coworker with the workloads, you should write a short notice resignation letter. Normally, a resignation should be two weeks or more before the transition, but in special case, you can actually resign two weeks or less. That is why it is called as short notice, different from the resignation letter you usually write.

 What You Need To Keep In Mind Before Making A Short Notice Resignation Letter

Make sure you tell your manager and human resources department right away after you deciding to resign from your company. This is important so your manager will have more time to wrap up your projects, plan your departure, and hire a new employee. If you do that, they will also appreciate it. Finish your current work, or if you cannot make it, ask for your coworkers to help you. Keep your letter brief and clean. No need to add unnecessary information about your departing. The detail about why you departing are optional for you to write. Lastly, proofread and edit your letter before you send it.

The Standard Formula To Write A Short Notice Resignation Letter

Here are some lists of the content of a short notice resignation letter

  • The effective date of your resignation
  • Apology expression
  • The reason of your resignation (optional)
  • Thanking for the experience you got
  • Offering help during transition (optional)
  • How to contact you

What A Short Notice Resignation Letter Looks Like

You can read this example as your reference to make a short notice resignation.

Dear Mr. Brian,

Hereby I regretfully inform you of my resignation from MASTER Company due to personal reasons that out of my hand. My resignation will effectively begin ten days from now, January 11, 2020. I apologize for any inconvenience that I may cause you, my member team, or the whole MASTER Company. I will do best to make my departure as smooth as possible so that it won’t cause any burden.

 I have already informed the rest of my team members regarding on my resignation. I only have one unfinished project and will try to finish it before my departure. If I cannot make it, I have already asked Ms. Hope whom I trust as a reliable team member. You can call me at (123)-456-7890 or email me at alicia.bone@femail.com if you need to discuss with me regarding this matter.

I am grateful to MASTER Company for the precious opportunities and experiences I have learnt during my time working there and I will be missing the bright environment and my cheerful coworkers. Thank you for understanding this matter.

Yours sincerely,

Alicia Bone    


Those are the insights on how to make a short notice resignation and its sample. Hope that it can be of any help to your career.


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