Useful And Editable Teacher Recommendation Letter

If you want to apply for a scholarship or get a higher position, then it is recommended to get a recommendation from the teacher at school. A teacher recommendation letter mostly written by a person who has a high position at school. Preparing your recommendation letter, especially a teacher recommendation is a must as the first step for you.

How Long Do You Need To Write A Recommendation Letter?

It is suggested to write it in a professional format, such as using Times New Roman 12-point font or Arial 11-point font used in printed and digital submitted. We recommend also you to make it maximally a full page. But you can also make a two-thirds page if necessary. Make sure to not risk your appearing by providing too long or too short information.

How Do I Get A Teacher Recommendation Letter From School?

Here are the tips to get the recommendation letter.

Professional Format

This first tips becomes a basic for you before writing the letter. Stating date, your name and address will take the first step. Then, you must add the name and address of the recipient. Do not forget to provide a professional greeting and introduce yourself.

Provide Details Information

In this tips, you can write down your specialty and skills. This can help the principal you are capable to do the job or continue your study on the university. A quick brief that highlight them all will be very effective for them to read it. You also need to provide contact information, so they can contact you again later.

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Dear Principal of Blossom Rose Elementary,

It is my honor to strongly recommend Erin Clerk for your 6th Grade English Teacher position at Blossom Rose Elementary.

I am Keyla Smith, the Vice Principal at Bumble Bubble Elementary. I have experienced of working in this field for about 15 years and have seen many great teachers come and go. Erin is one individual who uniquely stands out, especially at work.

Erin once came to me with an idea to teach students who had trouble grasping grammar materials. Then, she decided to develop a new way of teaching and turn out the students are able to catch up and grasp the materials faster. She also makes the students love to study more and become the favorite teacher.

Beside her teaching skills that impress me, Erin has positive attitude and ability to never give up on her students. Her commitment and dedicated becomes valued for school and also for her student’s parents.

I am absolutely confident that Erin would fit for your school better as a teacher. Not only will bring the new way of learning kinds, but will also quickly help both your institution and your students grow in any way she can.

If you need further detail information, please do not hesitate to contact me at or (888) 555-7777. In this recommendation letter, I have included a snapshot of her achievements and rewards you can consider.



Keyla Smith
Vice Principal

Bumble Bubble Elementary


In conclusion, this teacher recommendation letter becomes the best option to achieve your dream job or get a scholarship. Feel free to edit and use it wisely!




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