Teacher Resignation Letter to Principal and Its Template

Teaching needs full of dedication in terms of time, place, and emotion. It sometimes leads you to step down from your position as a teacher.Sure, resigning from school have a lots of reasons, whether it’s good or bad. However, since you are a professional worker, you need to follow an appropriate process. Therefore, you should write a teacher resignation letter to principal. As the leader in the school, he or she has to be notified first for your resignation. Here are some strategies to write your resignation letter.

What are the good reasons to resign from school?

Although you already know the real reason, looking for a good and polite reason to resign from school sometimes feels hard. Perhaps you feel hesitate to give your real reason such as getting a higher paid in another school or cannot stand with your current school situation. No matter how bad it is, you still have to be polite in writing your resignation letter. You can just say the following sentences.

“I am looking for challenging work conditions.”

“I feel I got lack of supporting system in my early years of teaching.”

“I got discipline issues.”

“I want to pursue a higher degree on another town.”

“I feel it developmentally inappropriate expectactions.”

What are the strategies that I can apply on my resignation letter?

After getting a good reason to resign, you should notice that there are several strategies you need to apply in writing a teacher resignation letter to principal. You need to explain your resignation reason properly and as professional as possible. In this case, you should restrain yourself from writing any negative feelings and show your disappointment. Don’t forget to use polite and formal language because you will send it to your school principal.

How should I write my resignation letter?

When you want to write a resignation letter, make sure you write it effectively and straight to the point. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is start your letter with salutation. It has to be formal as it is addressed to your school principal. Then, follow with a concise introductory paragraph. Tell him or her that you are going to resign. Remember to mention your position you want to resign from and inform when your effective resignation day. In writing teacher resignation letter to principal, you need to keep being professional and concise.

Teacher Resignation Letter to PrincipalExample

Composing a resignation letter perhaps will be difficult for you who never decide to resign form school. Therefore, we help you to write it easily.

Dear Mr. Smith,

I am writing this letter to inform you that I am planning to resign from my position as an English Teacher at Brad High School. I just got a letter of acceptance from Santa University, thus I will pursue my Magister study and live in another town. This makes me impossible to continue teaching at Brad High School. My last day of teaching will be effective on December 13th, so please kindly accept this resignation letter as my official notification. I do appreciate your time and cooperation.

I enjoyed my three years teaching at Brad High School. I am aware that resigning from the school in the middle year will make you into troublesome. However, I have no choice because this is my chance to reach my dream. To make the transition easier, I do not mind to share all the necessary information to a substitute teacher in the near future. You can reach me by phone at (777)-888-9999 or email at janecaroline@gmail.com.

Thank you for always helping me during my first years of working at Brad High School. I want you to know that knowing you as the leader,other teachers as my coworkers, and all of the students has been amazing for me. I wish we all get the best in the future.




Jane Caroline

That is all the short explanation about writing a teacher resignation letter. Hopefully, it will help you.



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