All About Termination Letter For Insubordination And The Sample

A Termination letter for insubordination is sent to an employer when he/she conducted a disobedience or insubordination to the company’s policy. It requires investigation to decide whether the employee has to be terminated from the company or just getting suspended.

First of all, what is termination? Is it different from getting laid off or getting fired?

The term of termination is the same of getting fired, and it is different from getting laid off. Those terms have the same meaning: the end of employment. What make it different are the cause and the number. Termination is mostly caused by your own failure—violation of company policies, poor performance, incapability of teamwork, incapability to learn the job after getting hired, etc. On the contrary, getting laid off is caused by company’s decision; whether due to the impact of economic downturn, financial struggles, acquisitions, restructuring, etc. When you got laid off, it’s out of your control. You can’t do anything because it’s the company’s decision. Mostly when you are terminated, you got terminated alone. When you get laid off, there are some specific numbers of employers who get into the same situation.

What Is The Procedure You Need To Do Before Laying A Termination Letter Of Insubordination?

A compulsory thing to do before sending a termination letter of insubordination is investigating where and when your subordinates violate the company’s rules. A sequence of actions violating the work’s ethic may cause a termination letter for insubordination sent to your desk after some considerations given by the superior.

Make it brief based on the facts on how him/her violate the company’s policy. Include the date of alleged violation(s), what kinds of violation and the evidence, the effective date of the termination, and the information regarding to the employee’s final paycheck.

Here Is The Simple Example Of Termination Letter For Subordination:

Dear Mr. Wright,

This letter is an official document to inform you that your position with BLANCO Communication has been terminated. This policy will be effective on January 7, 2020. You are dismissed due to insubordination. The details on the supporting evidence are given below.

On December 21, 2019 you behaved in a disrespect and disruptive manner to your superior. It was settled by you signing the warning letter. Nevertheless, you did the same on December 23, 2020, and you had signed another warning letter. On December 29-1 January 2020, for three days, you were absent without any permissions given by the superior. Such manner cannot be tolerated by our company’s work ethics. Thus, based on the facts above, we decided that termination is the only option available for your violation.

Your final salary as per December will be mailed to your home address based on the employee file. Along with that, a package will be sent by Human Resources regarding BLANCO Communication’s eligibility to continue insurance coverage.

Call Human Resources at for any questions about this letter of termination.


Best regards,


Mr. Lawrence Bright

General Manager


Those are all about termination letter for insubordination that you need to know and the sample of it. Now you can make one of it easily!


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