Best Recommendation Of UCLA Appeal Letter

UCLA becomes one of the most favorite universities which knowing many applicants want to be students there. However, the admissions decisions made by this university is pretty difficult. So, write a UCLA appeal letter will be an option for you. By preparing this letter properly, you can have a better result. To know further details and information about this letter, we have provided descriptions related to it. Have a moment to read it carefully.

What Should We Do Before Writing A UCLA Appeal Letter?

There are several things you can do before you write the letter. First of all, knowing your strength and weaknesses will be the best attempt. Since there are many applicants, it is better for you to know your strength and ability. Also, knowing your future plan can be another option you can do. This can help you to overcome the extensive reviews that will evaluate your letter.

How To Write A Proper UCLA Appeal Letter?

After knowing the preparation, we recommend you to read this part. Follow several tips below to get a proper appeal letter at UCLA:

Length Of The Letter

Actually, there is no exact number of pages to write an appeal letter. But, it is considered to write this letter within one until two pages maximally. It is because you must provide clear and firm sentences in order to get in as a student at UCLA.

Show Feelings

Make sure to write this part briefly and stick to the point. Do not try to manipulate and keep it low-key, so your writing appeals well to the reader. Also, be honest and factual will be another key to have a good appeal letter.


The last tip we want to let you know is related to the documentation. It is better for you to keep your files and documents in a map or folder. You also should ensure you have each copy of your documents in order to prevent broken or missing files.

The Example Of UCLA Appeal Letter

To get a better understanding below is the example you can implement for your own appeal letter. Check the example we have provided as your guidance.

Dear Mr. Johnson,

I want to let you know from this writing that your admission has confused my vocational high school’s transcripts with other students from another school. Based on this report, they have the same name resulting in the rejection of my application. This letter was received this Monday and I noticed it was addressed to Johnny Andre instead of Johnny Smith. It was a red flag and I tried to write this letter as soon as possible.

I graduated from vocational high school, while Johnny Andre graduated from high school. But, he and I actually live pretty close, so he is my neighborhood. I am pretty sure they were mixed up once they arrived at the UCLA Admissions Office because I have checked the document before my vocational high school sent it. On the other hand, the other Johnny has a grade point average of 3.25 and I have a GPA of 3.75.

I hope you can reconsider my application due to this unusual situation. I have included another application which is attached along with my correct transcripts and my correct SAT scores to ensure it is complete. I hope you will get in touch with me very soon regarding this situation.



Johnny Smith

In conclusion, that is all information about the UCLA appeal letter we have provided above. It is completely fine if you want to edit or change some parts that are necessary for you. Good luck!




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