10+ Book Cover Template Example PSD Design

Book Cover Template Samples and Tips

People say “Don’t judge a book by its cover!” However, books can attract readers from its cover. So, if you are a writer or a book author, you have to design the book cover as attractive as possible. If you have no idea about it, the following book cover template may inspire you.

Tips in Making a Book Cover Template

Creating a book cover is not an easy task. Therefore, you may need our template Photoshop. However, you will also have to follow these tips. First, you should put yourself in the shoes of the audience. You must see what your audience would like to see & feel. Your preference should not be placed in the first.

Then, the title should go well together with the book cover. So, it will be readable and attractive. So, your audience will be interested in your book. Besides that, you have to strike a chord. In this case, you may need to choose the theme your audience like.

If you hire a designer, you must be permissive and let him or she recommends the design. However, it is better to use our PSD flyer template for more attractive look. One more, you have to keep it simple. Modern book covers must be simple because it can attract more readers effectively.

How to Make a Book Cover Template Interesting

With our template in PSD Photoshop, your task will be much easier in making a book cover. However, you have to be able to make it attractive & interesting. In this case, you should consider using hooking words as well as white space. Besides, you must use eye-catching & high-quality graphics.

Then, we recommend you to add fewer words because simpler is better. In addition, you have to set the tone in which the book message will be conveyed. Next, it is a good idea to use a 3D cover. Giving insight into the narrative with patterns & design is also important. Combining colors is also allowed.

Components of Book Cover Template

The template in Photoshop free download should be edited so that it contains the key components below. For your information, a book cover allows you the space for representing and communicating various embedded ideas from the book inside.

A book cover usually starts with a title. Then, it is commonly followed by the name of the author. After that, it should be the associated graphics. The next component is a simple description of the book. Other components to be included in the book cover include designs, patterns as well as colors.

How to Use Book Cover Template

With our business card template free PSD, you will be able to make a cover book much easier. What you have to do first is to pick your preferred book cover template. After that, you are allowed to edit it to fit your needs. You may change color & add text. Then, you can use it in a digital form or the printed one.

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