Unemployment Appeal Letter And Tips To Write It

Not all employees who have not worked for the company will receive unemployment benefits. There are several factors behind this occurrence, it could be from the strict company regulations, or maybe an employee’s fault. If you are being treated unfairly regarding the unemployment benefits, you have the right to file an appeal by writing an unemployment appeal letter.

Is Employee Entitled To Unemployment Benefit?

Employees who resign from a job are entitled to receive unemployment benefits if they leave their job through no serious fault. This can be seen from two aspects, whether the employee was fired, or quit the job.

If employees are terminated due to a reduction in employees or massive layoffs, they have entitled to unemployment benefits.

If employees are fired for offenses such as frequent absences, tardiness, or similar offenses, then in some states they are still entitled to unemployment benefits.

On the other hand, if an employee commits a serious violation that causes the company to suffer losses, then that employee is not entitled to unemployment benefits.

How To Write An Unemployment Appeal Letter?

Before appealing, there are a few things you need to notice. You should know who your letter will be addressed, what the company policies are, and stick to a polite and positive tone.

Include some facts that can support you in defending your appeal. If the company does not receive the unemployment benefits that you claim, state that you are entitled to receive the benefits. But remember, your letter should not contain a tone full of anger and resentment, keep your sentence positive in a polite tone.

Unemployment Appeal Letter Sample

Now it’s time to look at an example of an appeal letter filed by an employee who feels entitled to unemployment benefits. Here’s the complete format:

Dear Mr. Darwis,

My name is Jessica Parker and I am appealing the decision was taken by the Employment Development Department’s hearing officer, Cash Dalton, on December 20, 2020. I believe that XYZ Company has unfairly denied my unemployment benefits.

I was released as an accountant at XYZ company on November 15, 2020, Mr. James Dalton, revealed that the company was experiencing bad economic conditions so that several positions must be vacated temporarily, including mine. I accepted that decision because I felt sad about some of the problems faced by our company recently.

But not even two weeks after I left the office, Laurent who was my co-worker in the same division as mine said that Mr. Dalton raised his daughter to my last position. Laurent promised to be a witness in this matter. I hope you are willing to consider my unemployment benefits. Thank you for your consideration.



Jessica Parker

To sum up, if you want to write an unemployment appeal letter, make sure that you write it in the correct and polite format. Before writing your letter, you must understand several things related to company policies and how to file an appeal letter correctly.



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