Faculty Recommendation Letter and The Sample

A faculty recommendation letter is something common to address that someone is eligible for some promotions. This can be leveling up to a higher position, an award for some achievements, or another thing related to the opportunities in this field.

Is a lecturer allowed to write a recommendation letter?

There is various type of letter of recommendation. If you are planning to apply for a scholarship, it is better to ask for a letter of recommendation from someone who knows your academic level’s depth, for example, your professor. It is crucial to ask for a recommendation letter from people who know your research skills.

However, if you don’t have some connections who can prove your eligibility, someone from your workplace can act the same. This includes the faculty recommendation letter for example. If you have a lecturer who knows your skills well, he or she can address your strengths and weakness through this letter.

When Can You Ask A Letter Of Recommendation Letter To Someone?

How early can you ask for a faculty recommendation letter? It is necessary to give time for the recommender to write it properly. The more time you give to them, the better the result. With a longer time, they will not be in a rush, more interested to sit down thinking about your strengths and weakness and more thoughtful. Some people might want to brag about you through a letter by showing any positive impression. However, it is not necessarily needed. A letter of recommendation letter should state the true you; how you handle the situation, your strength, and weakness. It is more like convincing the department that you are going to shot. Therefore, always ask them to write an honest review about you without making you look bad.

What Should You Do If You Don’t Have A Recommendation Letter?

If no one wants to write you a  faculty recommendation letter, then you cannot pass the requirements. Therefore, the only way to get a recommendation letter is to get to know your recommender and work with them if you need to.

How To Write A Faculty Recommendation Letter

Just in case you are wondering how the faculty recommendation letter looks, here is an example about it.

Dear President Of NHY University

We always hope that we will find someone who can give their best in teaching. The educational field is something that must be done with passion. It is not enough to hire someone who has a lot of knowledge but not passionate enough about teaching. We need more than that, a person who has a great eagerness and love to dig deeper about education so he or she can benefit society in the long run.

Ms. Ariana is one of the people who have great enthusiasm for teaching and love studying at the same time. I have been working with her for 5 years and she has been sharing a lot of things with me. She has published various articles which she has been collected from her experience and study so far. I think this would be a great thing if she can continue her study at this university.

Her teaching method is effective and she is not hesitant to learn new things. Even though she is currently working on some works, this is due to her stuff she must handle. However, I believe she is a professional person.

I am always available to discuss her promotion at any convenient schedule you have. We can have a further discussion in an appointment.

Warm Regards,


Ms. Sherly, Ph.D

Department Chair

Teaching And Education for Kids

XYZ University

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