Flower Shop Postcard Template Free PSD

Flower Shop Postcard Used As A Medium For Branding

A flower shop is a business that sells various kinds of flower arrangements. The line of business also offers rental services for various flowers and plants and helps in decorating according to customer needs. To expand the business wing, the need for strong ties of cooperation as well as offering a promotion to customers through a flower shop postcard.

The Flower Shop Postcard Basic Ideas

Now, a postcard may sound old. However, this is wrong because its function is still important for a line of business to this day. It is also related to the development of the digital world, so a postcard has been uniquely, elegantly, and attractively designed.

The postcard is known as a correspondence medium without an envelope using a thick paper or art carton. For a flower shop, the postcard is needed as a medium for branding a store business. The postcard for this business can take the form of a thank you to customers who have bought and used the services of a florist.

The Flower Shop Postcard Purposes

The following are the purposes of the flower shop postcard as a medium for branding.

  • To provide some information

The postcard not only conveys single information but also more than it. Information can be a flower shop product excellence, attaching various types of promotions, as well as coupons as the special offers. With that destination, the recipient will automatically save it and will see it at any time because of the contents of the business offer.

  • To give an impression with a personal touch

A postcard is certainly easy for customers to save because of its attractive shape. Moreover, it also gives a distinct impression to them. To get this impression, the postcard is sent as a congratulation and thank you letter a form of cooperation using the flower shop product.

The Flower Shop Postcard PSD Template

A postcard is still relevant as a marketing media for a flower shop. Therefore, a postcard is designed as attractive as possible at this time through the development of a digital design world. The PSD template can be used by downloading or printing it as the flower shop postcard. If the appearance of the template doesn’t feel satisfactory to use, it can be edited and personalized through Photoshop.

The Flower Shop Postcard Shape and Size

After selecting a template, of course, you want to customize it. The shape and size of the design will follow the template that has been previously designed.

  • Shape

The shape of the postcard design is rectangular by forming a 90-degree angle. The orientation style of the postcard is in the landscape. It is printed on an art carton or art paper with 2 sides, back and forth.

  • Size

The size of the flower shop postcard adjusts its rectangle to 6 × 4 inches. The size is augmented by a 3-5 mm Bleed tolerance. The size of the template resolution as a design file uses a high-quality standard size of 300 dpi, so the image does not break. 

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