Minimalist Rack Card PSD Flyer Template

Minimalist Rack Card for Promoting Business and Event

You often see the rack card in the places with high foot traffic. It means people come and go by walking from one spot to another. The places can be a mall, restaurant, minimarket, convenience store, station, and bus stop. There, you can share the minimalist rack card for promoting a business and event.

The card is called minimalist because its style and design focus on the most important components. Even though the places are in high traffic, people do not have much time for complex reading. That’s why you should only put a few words and an attractive offer on this card.

Minimalist Rack Card Contents

In simple terms, you may call this card as flyer or brochure but with a minor difference. It is called a rack card because people take it directly from the shelf or rack nearby. It is considered minor reading for killing the time when you are in waiting. Sometimes, it turns into effective promotional media for the event. For knowing more about the minimalist rack card, you can explore its contents below.

  1. Theme, topic, and purpose

The first thing you should prepare is the theme, topic, and purpose. Due to limited space, you can choose a specific purpose and theme that will be promoted by this card. For example, the restaurants create a rack card that contains a special holiday offer. Even though the business is quite unknown, people are attracted to something they can get the benefit.

  1. Name and title

You can put the name, title, or both. The name represents the business and offer. If the card is from a restaurant, you can add the title, such as a Christmas offer or something like that. For popular business, the name is more than enough to attract customers.

  1. Attention grabber

You should not forget something that can catch attention. It can be an illustration, photo, and fancy text. People like to see something that’s quite fancy in the eyes. They will approach and grab this card eventually.

  1. Detail

The last one is a detail that explains the offers and other things related to the main content. The detail provides the direction of what people will get. This part only shows the most necessary things, not everything.

Minimalist Rack Card Design and Layout

Minimalist rack card may have various styles and designs, depending on the purpose, business, and event. If the offer is for Christmas, you can put the design, such as Santa, snow, and holiday. For the food offer, the card may utilize the realistic menu and more related items.

Some cards are for the event promotional media. As usual, the design and layout support the contents and themes regarding the event itself. You have many options when designing the layout for this card.

Minimalist Rack Card Template and Sample

As a business owner, you may have not timed for creating this card by yourself. That’s why you should rely on the ready-made templates and samples. Using the template can save your time from spending too much effort in designing it from the plain document.

Minimalist Rack Card PSD Template

Most templates for minimalist rack card utilizes PSD format. This extension is the most familiar and recognized one in digital design and graphics. It has several items, such as text, image, background, effect, and layout. They are arranged in the structured layers. Each item has a single layer, so the editing process will be easier.  

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