Recruitment Postcard Free Template in PSD

Recruitment Postcard Present as a Corporate Brand Promotion Tool

Human resources are the most important element in a company because every organization needs humans to operate it. To get competent human resources, a recruitment system is needed. The recruitment postcard is designed after collaboration with clients. It is intended for the creation of strong cooperation for them. Recruitment firms assist in the process of recruiting applicants, selection, and mentoring in the process of offering applicants’ salaries.

Recruitment Postcard Brief Description

Recruitment is the process of finding, inviting, and determining several people inside or outside the company as prospective workers with certain competencies. The process is as determined by the human resource plan.

Meanwhile, a postcard of recruitment is a piece of cardboard containing messages in the form of congratulations, thank you note, and special messages about the company brands. It is presented as one of the company’s promotional tools that can give a personal impression to the client about the process of recruiting prospective workers.

Recruitment Postcard Purposes

An executive search firm will enter into a contract of cooperation with a client company by stating where the applicant will apply for a job within a certain period. As a promotional tool to get clients or applicants, the recruitment postcard is required for the following purposes.

  • To invite prospective applicants to use recruitment services.
  • To congratulate applicants who have been accepted at the proposed company.
  • To thank applicants for using company recruitment services.

Recruitment Postcard Design

The recruitment process begins by finding prospective applicants who submit their application letters for the selection process. The recruitment firm will certainly help the applicants and the companies in a recruitment process to produce competent workforces.

As it functions as a corporate brand promotion tool, a recruitment postcard is designed professionally and creatively. This starts with the desired design plan. The plan includes:

  • A template: this is downloadable and printable. It can also be customized quickly and easily for the process of adding and replacing existing features.
  • A template format: a template chosen as a customization process in Photoshop is a template with PSD format. This is an image storage file, including editing and other settings contained in Photoshop.
  • Template layouts: these are set to be customized in Photoshop, making it easy to change images, texts, colors, and other settings.
  • Smart Objects: they come as a layer conversion in Photoshop that maintains the image quality on the PSD template. They can speed up the work process in Photoshop.
  • Printing: this process determines the shape and size of the postcard. It is rectangular with a size of 6 × 4 inches with the layout in the landscape. It is also equipped with Bleed as a design area outside the cut line with tolerance between 3-5 mm.

Recruitment Postcard Design Ideas

The template can be used to make a recruitment postcard. All layouts and features are available in the template. Some PSD templates have been designed according to the professional concept needed for the recruitment firm. Choosing the template is an idea in determining the main design on a postcard.

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