An Easy Guide To Make A Character Reference Letter With Example

An author may write a story according to his/her relatives, such as friends, teachers, pastors, co-workers, or others as long as the author understands the person personally about the positive traits that may support the substance of this letter. By creating a character reference letter, the real family or relatives cannot be involved on the author’s side to prevent any biased or the value will be subjective.

Tips And Trick How To Write A Character Reference Letter

  • Begin the letter with an explanation of your relationship with the candidate.
  • Show the candidate’s positive personalities, qualities, and any other positive things.
  • Include all the examples or evidence to support the prior statement.
  • Close the letter with a recommendation statement by the author.

Few Steps Before Creating A Character Reference Letter

The main thing is to be specific and show that the candidate is a qualified person to deserve a particular position. If it’s possible, relate the evidence or the example of the candidate’s positive traits to the skills required for the position. Pay close attention to the language used and stay objective in value the candidate.

An Example Of A Character Reference Letter

Here below is an example you may need before making this letter. Note essential points are allowed to ensure you can create the best one for your own letter.

Dear Dr. Evelyn,

I have had the privilege of working with Ella Hitch for the past 10 years on many projects at KK Community Church, and I am happy to recommend her for a position as a paraprofessional at CC Elementary School. Ella and her husband, Jake, moved into the community 10 years ago when he left the United States Air Force and found work as a commercial airline pilot. They immediately joined the church and became active in the children’s ministries. Now they have three children but remain actively involved in church programs and activities.

Ella is the first-class Sunday School teacher and is loved by her students. Ella has boundless energy and creativity, showed by her enthusiasm and passion when telling Bible stories fascinates children. The crafts she designs for the weekly lessons are unique, easy to make, and fun for the children’s lesson. In addition, she also implied the Bible lesson to everyday schools toward the children through simple problem solving or spelling exercises.

My family happens to live in the same neighborhood as Ella’s family. They are wonderful neighbors who are always willing to help individuals in the community in need. Every Spring Ella and her husband have an Easter Egg Hunt in their backyard. It is a well-organized, and fun event that all the children and parents expect to attend each year. I know that Angela is actively involved in the Parents Teacher Association at CC Elementary School where her children and my children attend schools. She has taken on the responsibility of successfully coordinating year-end Field Day and picnic for the past years.

It is my honor to know and work with Ella and her husband, and I am confident that she has the experience, character, and integrity required to make an outstanding paraprofessional at CC Elementary School. The children and first-grade teacher would be fortunate to have a dedicated and enthusiastic people working in their classroom.

Best Regards,

Pastor Adam Wealth
KK Community Church



In conclusion, we hope this article can help you to understand this character reference letter better. Feel free to edit the example we have provided above. Hope it can fulfill your satisfaction. Good luck!



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