Simple Example Of Going Back to School Resignation Letter

Working while earning a degree is not a simple and easy thing. Some people, or perhaps you too, have to make great efforts to get the earning degree process and working to stay balanced. We know that working while studying is not easy, if you want to continue your education with focus, you can start quitting your job and prioritize getting a degree. The best way to leave your work properly is by writing a going back to school resignation letter, so your boss can let you go with a sincere feeling.

What Should I Do If I Want to Go Back to School?

You cannot leave your job immediately, it can harm your company or make your employer disappointed. Here are tips you can do before leaving your job:

Talk carefully with Employer

Let your boss be the first person to hear the news of your resignation, don’t let other employees tell your employer first. So, if you are sure to resign, find the right time to meet your boss as soon as possible.

Reasons for Back to School

Explain to your boss about the reason for your planning to go back to school, express everything honestly and openly. Maybe you find it difficult to divide your time between work or college, or you are worried about feeling stressed and unable to focus, so you decide to focus on earning your degree.

Last Day of Work

Tell your boss about your last day of work, try to make a notice two weeks before you officially quit the office. After that, you need to write a back to school resignation letter so that you can resign properly.

How To Write A Back to School Resignation Letter Properly?

Make a resignation letter should be friendly and polite to make your employer feel valued. Use an elegant and professional tone by saying thank you for the job opportunity that has been given to you. The following is an example of a resignation letter that you can take as a sample:

Dear Mr. David,

I am writing this letter to inform you that I am resigning as a sales manager at Excellent Communications to pursue my education to a higher level. I have decided to pursue a career in a different field, so I want to get a degree to support my career. My last day of work will be on 12 November 2020, I hope you will receive this letter as my two-week official notifications.

I tried to reduce the discomfort of my resignation at Excellent Communications. I will be pleased to train my successors as needed. Feel free to call me at (333)-3333-333 or email me at if you have any questions regarding my resignation. I’ll be happy to answer your phone and answer some of your questions.

I am grateful for all the valuable experiences I have had while working at Excellent Communications, I have enjoyed the wonderful years I have spent here, as well as the valuable experiences that will be very useful for my degree and career. I hope Excellent Communications can be a company that is always well-developed and successful. Thank you for your understanding.



Steve Gates

Excellent Communications

In short, your back to school resignation letter should be written in a well-organized format which includes your reason to go back to school. Hope our explanation can give you a new description.




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