How to Compose A Nurse Resignation Letter and The Template

Working as a nurse perhaps makes you tired as you provide medical service and care to the patients. This can be a reason why you want to resign from this position. As a professional, you have to compose a nurse resignation letter. It is important because your letter will become a permanent file and the last impression from the employer to you. Since medical staff is a mobile job, you still have a possibility to work with your former employer in the future. Therefore, you should write a polite resignation letter to keep your work relationship with him or her good.

What are the tips to resign as a nurse?

To avoid making inconvenience feelings on each other, there are some tips to resign as a nurse peacefully. The earliest thing you should do is control your emotions. Being a nurse can feel like a calling. Thus, you need to handle your own feelings before leaving the job. After that, you need to consult with the management of hospital where you work. You should talk to him or her personally and give the nurse resignation letter as the supporting document. Make sure that you give hints or clues of your resignation to your coworkers and patients at least two weeks before the effective day. Don’t forget to include the date of departure.

Can I use a personal reason to be written in the resignation letter?

Actually, it is okay to use a personal reason in your resignation letter. However, you still have to be polite in mentioning your reasons. Therefore, you need to take time to compose a thoughtful reason. The important thing is that you should be clear with your resignation reasons.

How should I write the resignation letter?

The first thing you should know that you have to include a formal letterhead. Remember that it is a must for you to use formal language. Then, start with a salutation and introduction. After that, state your resignation reason clearly and keep it short. It means that you should not write it in detail but stay honest. Don’t forget to declare your effective resignation day. The last, make a closing statement. Add your signature and complete name.

Nurse Resignation Letter Example

Maybe you are the first nurse in your line who wants to resign. Thus, you do not have the idea to write a nurse resignation letter. You can see the example we provide for you below.

Dear Ms. Puff

It is with regret to inform you that I should quit from my position as a registered nurse in Chum Bucket Hospital. It has been an amazing time to work in the Emergency Department for the past 3 years. The only reason why I resign is because of the fluctuating work schedule. Besides, I also have employed at a private ophthalmologist practice.

I am going to work for Dr. Plankton in his new office near my house. He prefers me to start the work in the next 3 weeks. Therefore, I can write this resignation letter as my official notification. Additionally, I would like to still voluntarily joining the health fairs from Chum Bucket Hospital program that usually be held on the last week every month. I feel honored to spare my time to assist the residents of the hospital.

I want you to understand that it is a pleasure to become a nurse at Chum Bucket Hospital. This is my first job after I graduated from nursing school and I cannot count how much knowledge and experience I got from this hospital. Thank you so much for giving me a chance to care the patients and work with the medical staff at Chum Bucket Hospital. I am going to miss my patients and coworkers here but also await for the next challenge in my life.


Warm Regards,


Sandy Cheeks

Sandy Cheeks, R.N.


That is all a brief summary about composing a nurse resignation letter. We hope that it will be useful for nurses who want to resign.



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