Editable Resignation Letter Due To Health And Its Example

If you are willing to resign cause of your health condition that may affect your performance in the workplace, you should address a formal resignation letter to your boss due to your health condition. This will be the most professional and gracious way for an employee to prove their eligibility to get what they deserve.

What Is Resignation Letter Due To Health?

It is a letter specifically to grant you an opportunity to resign from the company. It is possible for you to resign for a specific reason such as a health condition. When you are not in a condition where you are able to work, you may be considered this way to decide your resignation in order to take care of yourself for a better condition.

Can You Quit A Job Due To Stress?

Firstly ask the doctor about your health condition specifically. It is possible for you to resign from the company due to stress if the doctor determines that if the stress can trigger any other illness that may impact your health especially your mental condition. Then it may be a good time for you to consider whether you decide to continue or quitting your job.

How To Write A Letter Due To Health?

You should understand about a resignation letter is a type of formal letter addressed to your company. Pay close attention to the language you used in the letter, ensure grammar and spelling are in the correct way. Include a brief detail about your health condition followed by a doctor’s note to ease your resignation. In order to keep your good relationship with your colleagues or your boss, leave any other detailed personal information. This also being prevention if your boss still wants to keep your position in the company if he/she willing to cooperate with you again when you are able and willing to work again for the company.

Example Of Resignation Letter Due To Health

Here is an example of a resignation letter you may need to help you to write another one by yourself.


Dear Ms. Brandy,

I write this letter to inform you about my resignation from my position at Brandy Company due to my health condition. I have been diagnosed with chronic illness with my lungs due to a specific reason. I feel that it is the best way to get more aware of myself and Brandy Company if I resign from work. The last day of my effective work before I begin the medical treatment will be on October 15, 2012. Therefore, please accept this letter as my official resignation.

I truly regret any inconvenience that may occur during or after my resignation to you or Brandy Company. I truly appreciate your consideration of this decision. If you still willing to still connect with me, please do not hesitate to contact me at (123)-123-1234 or by email at kimberlyhouse@gmail.com and I would like to hear forward for your response.

I wish I could continue my performance in the company and still keep my good relationship with all team members, and I hope this decision is the best decision that I had. I truly appreciate all the memorable experiences and opportunities I have had in the Brandy Company. I wish the whole team every success and hope great in the future. Thank you for all the time and your understanding regarding this decision.

Yours sincerely,

Kimberly J. House
Senior Producer
Brandy Company


Hope this article may useful for your needs. Do not hesitate to edit this example according to your needs.


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