Medical Permission Letter For Child And Its Sample

Some of the activities in the school or children’s organization out there allow you as a parent not to be with him/her. It makes you concern because children have allergies or poor health conditions. If your child is forced to participate in activities for several days outside the home, there is nothing you can do except allow it. You can still permit children by composing a medical permission letter for child.

What Is A Medical Permission Letter For Child?

Medical permission letter is an official document that states the right for a person to take medical treatment for certain children. Usually, this document is widely used in several official events to ask members of a school or organization looking after parents’ children regarding their health conditions.

Some of the urgent circumstances may require you to use this form, for example when the child is traveling with their school teacher or a member of the Boy Scouts, even when you are on a business trip.

What Are Medical Permission Letter Purposes?

A medical permission letter is very necessary to be used, especially when your child is participating in a certain outdoor activity. Additionally, below are several functions of the medical permission letter:

  • This letter serves as an indication that the parent or legal guardian has given their limited consent regarding the medical action that needs to be taken for the child.
  • This letter serves as an indication that the parent or legal guardian permits the person given the letter to provide medical attention while the child is under their supervision. Usually, this will happen at the childcare center or given to the babysitter.
  • This letter serves as an indication that the parent or legal guardian gave consent that their child will be temporarily cared for by a specific person, such as a church group or teacher.

Medical Permission Letter For Child Sample

By using this form, you will be helped in maintaining the health of your child even though you cannot protect your child directly. The following is an example of a medical permission letter that might inspire you:

Dear Excellent Youth Camp Staff Members,

I have completed the form to give my child’s consent, attached below. But I am worried about my child’s allergies. As additional information that is written on the form, my son has an allergy to animal hair and pollen. I know that three will be a lot of activities to be done outdoors, so I am very worried about it.

So I would be very happy if one of the members paid more attention to my son. I do believe that excellent youth camp staff has a very good history of looking after the members.


Thank you,


Lucy Wilson

Medical Consent Form

To whom it may concern :

We, Lucy Wilson, and Alex Wilson, parents of David Wilson here with giving our consent for children with the medical treatment to be provided to our child while attending an excellent youth camp.

Effective date of Authorization :______________

Authorization Expiration Date :_______________

Medical Guardian/Parent Name :_____________

Parent Signature :__________________________

Concerns or Allergies to be noticed by medical staff. My child is allergic to animal hair and pollen.

That’s all our explanation about medical permission letters for child and its sample. Hope you get a new idea by reading the description.


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