Resignation Letter Due to Schedule Conflict And Its Sample

Are you thinking about scheduling conflict recently? If yes, then you need to decide which one is your main priority. For students, working and studying can be a very tiring moment which both of them require a lot of attention. If you have decided to quit your job, the example of a resignation letter due to schedule conflict is the perfect reference for you.

How Do I Resign From My Job Due To Studying?

Any business or formal correspondence must begin with a professional and pleasant tone. You can start by telling them how much you are thankful to the company. After that, tell that you must focus on your study and need to return to the college or school.

When Can I Submit My Resignation Letter?

Even though this is a resignation letter due to schedule conflict, keep in mind that you must give a two-week notice. An unexpected resignation from an employee will result in chaos in the company. So, a two-week early notice will give some time for the company to look for a substitute candidate.

Another thing to write is your intention to go back to the company or not.  Therefore, there is no need to burn the bridge in case you want to rejoin the company later, even though you will not be in the same position.

Additionally, state your last day of work and make sure you have a good intention to help the company smoothen the transition.

Can I Change My Mind After Resignation?

When someone changes his/her mind after submitting a resignation letter, then the company has no obligation to accept the letter and hire the former employee back. After all, it always depends on the company policies. when a company hasn’t found an appropriate candidate, then you might be reaccepted. However, when you easily change your mind, it just shows that you are a person who cannot do the job seriously, low integrity, and have no passion in the company.

The Example of Resignation Letter Due to Schedule Conflict

Dear Ms. Kaily,  

I regret to inform you that I am resigning from my position as a graphic designer. I have been thinking about it for the past months which I finally have to choose between my study or job.

My main challenge at this moment is my scheduling time which is difficult to meet. As I am now at the end of the 8th semester, I am starting to draft my thesis projects. As a result, I often miss consultation opportunities with my professor.

I apologize for any inconvenience after my resignation. I am more than willing to help you make the transition. Also, I will work harder as much as I can to finish my responsibilities. Please let me know if you need something to discuss at (4545)454-454 or by email at My last day will be January 14, 2021.

I am very glad that the ABC company has given me various opportunity which gives valuable change to my personal development. I wish you, the company, and the coworkers the best. I hope we will cross the same path one day. Thank you for your understanding.


Yours Sincerely


Helena Salim

Graphic Designer

ABC Company

So, once you have decided your priority, you need to write the resignation letter due to schedule conflict soon! Hope the transition will be doing smoothly.

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