Tenant Lease Termination Letter And Sample

The tenant lease termination letter is an early notice sent by the renter telling that the individual is going to move out to another place. Typically, the tenant lease termination letter is sent 30 days before the due date or based on the date stated in the agreement. However, even though the tenant writes this letter as an early notice, typically it doesn’t prevent him or her from the penalties.

How much time does a landlord give to the tenant before termination?

Usually, a landlord will give 30 days early notice before terminating the lease contract. During this day, the tenant can find a proper place before the tenancy ends. When a landlord breaches the contract, the tenant can file a lawsuit for this case.

Can A Landlord Ask A Tenant To Leave?

There are certain conditions that allow the landlord to ask a tenant to move out. When the condition gives so much disadvantage to the landlord, he or she is allowed to ask the tenant to leave. When a tenant insists on staying in the rental space, calling the   NCAT (NSV Civil and Administrative Tributal) which will help the landlord to end the agreement.

Can A Landlord Charge A Tenant For The Painting?

In some states,  many landlords ask for deposits from the tenants in case their clients break the property. This deposit will help them fix the damage in the rental space. Furthermore, a tenant is often required to ask the landlord if he or she wants to paint the wall or properties. Otherwise, this will lead to serious problems.

What Is The Format Of A Tenant Lease Termination Letter?

The format of the letter is basically similar to some professional letters that includes the date, the detail of the writer and recipient, address, and many more. Furthermore, it must show the intention of the writer directly.

The Example Of A Lease Termination Letter

Dear Ms. Brat

I would like to inform you that I will terminate the lease agreement starting from January 14, 2021. I am truly grateful that you allowed me to rent in your space regardless of my status as a student. Before I found the advertisement about your property, I got my rent offer turned down. As stated in the agreement, I will still be paying the remaining months as I am moving earlier which my official termination due date should be April 2021.

During these two years, I have been enjoying staying on your property. You keep all the property condition well-managed. what I like the most is you respond to the fixation request so I could stay in a proper environment. In return, I have been trying to keep the property well-maintained and will leave it clean. Also, I will truly appreciate it if we can schedule the  rental inspection for January 30, 2021, as I will move out on January 31, 2021.

Once again, I am very thankful that you make the environment students friendly and safe. I will list you as my previous landlord for a future rental. If you have anything to talk about, you can reach me by phone at (555)555-555 or by email at Anisa.kareem2@email.com. I wish you all the best and success in your business.   



Anisa Kareem

The tenant lease termination letter can be written by both landlord and tenant under certain conditions. We hope those tips can help you write your own letter.





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