Apology Letter to Boss for Misconduct and Its Sample

It is normal if you misconduct at work because of certain reasons such as against decision, having a different opinion, and many more. It is possible to happen no matter how good your relationship is with them. Whether your problem is little or big, your employer will appreciate you more if you write an apology letter to the boss for misconduct.

How Do You Make Your Boss Forgive You?

Show that you regret it

Some employees might insist this wasn’t their fault. Others might look for excuses instead of showing regret. You need to admit that this is your mistake and you need to express that you regret your behavior.

Explaining what went wrong

Never blame others for the mistakes you make.  Employers will hate that attitude. You can explain in a better manner what made it wrong even when it is about the promises you have broken. You can explain to the employer that you were too excited or admit it you managed the business wrong and you couldn’t handle your emotion and stress. It is important to receive the responsibility and its consequences.

Offer of repair

If there is something you can do to fix the situation, you can offer it to your boss. This can be paying something from your pocket or working extra hours to fix the situation. By showing this, you are a person with great responsibilities.

Request for forgiveness

Admitting your mistakes is not enough. You also need to take all the responsibilities and ask for forgiveness. At least, you can ask for another chance that you are going to change your behavior. Of course, you don’t want to look formal. You can ask for forgiveness right after the confrontation.

How To  Write A Letter To Boss For Misconduct

The following is an example of an apology letter to the boss for misconduct that you can use for reference:

Dear Ms. Erly

I am writing this letter to express my sincerest apology for my misconduct behavior to a student. I was unaware that my jokes will cause some traumatic issues for her. I understand that my behavior has affected the institution so bad which made your reputation fall.

First, I am planning to ask for an apology from the student I joked on and her parent. I understand they have been hurt by my words. I will also attend some seminars that discuss the kids’ psychology and try as much as I can to be better so such behavior will not occur in the future.

I know to make this institution big, as a teacher assistant, I should work with integrity because this will not only about my name, but also the institution, coworkers, and especially you.  I am deeply sorry for the last incident. I hope you will give me another chance and I promise I will change my behavior.




Paula Handerson

Math Teacher Assistant

To sum up, asking for an apology should be followed by better action. You will gain more trust from your boss and others as you make the effort.


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