Apology Letter to Teacher And The Sample

Teachers have a lot to handle, from creating a lesson plan, media, and unruly students. with a lot of works like these, sometimes teachers get a little gratitude from students. Some of them perform inappropriate behavior. Therefore, having the kids write the apology letter to teachers will train them on how to appreciate and respect someone.

Why Students Need To Write An Apology Letter To a Teacher?

There are times students cross the borders or misbehaving, such as cheating during the exam, talking rudely, making offensive comments, and many more. Indeed, teachers are required to be patient-facing such students. However, they need to be disciplined to make them more aware and appreciate someone’s work, including the teachers.

How To Write An Apology Letter To Teacher?


The first component is the salutation by addressing the name correctly and formally. For students, they must ever get a lesson about how to write a letter, this can be the best time for them to apply their knowledge.


The first thing first before starting to apologize is to appreciate the teachers’ value. It is a way that you care and pay attention to them.

Explain what happened

The next is is explaining what has happened. It matters to state the reason behind the misbehavior last time. Explain it genuinely without excuses.


Do this straightforward and regret that you have taken that action. Tell the teacher that such things will never happen again in the future. Let them know that you are in search of forgiveness. Besides, don’t forget to promise them that this will never happen.

Close the letter

The next is saying “thank you” and tell them if they want to discuss it further with you you are approachable.

Apology Letter To Teacher Sample

Dear Mr. Shieble,

I know that you are very upset regarding my action previous days ago. You are a very peaceful and patient person that I saw you getting so upset until last Tuesday when I pour some flour over your head in front of other students.

My intention in doing this is for video. I am desperately in thirst for likes from Youtube and TikTok which lead me to this stupid action. I am very sorry for what I did last time, and I will never be able to restore your forgiveness.

After last Tuesday, you start becoming gloomy and lack motivation in teaching in our class. I understand this was my fault that made fun of you with my stupid prank.

You are a good teacher I have ever met actually, and I saw a teacher with a good intention of teaching. You even sacrifice your time only to make beautiful teaching media, yet I still made fun of you. I regret that.

I hope you take my apology. I promise I will never do that again in the future. Please tell me what to do to get your apology.


Warm Regards,


Selena Arova

6th grader of B Class

Writing an apology letter to the teacher must be from the bottom of your heart. Write it genuinely and never looks fake because the teacher will not appreciate it. Good luck!

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