Medical Leave Letter from Doctor and Sample

As a doctor, sometimes you might be asked to write a letter that proves a medical diagnosis. This letter will be used by your patients to apply for a medical leave in the workplace, school, or university. Now, many companies, schools, and universities use the medical leave letter from the doctor as proof before taking a sick leave. In this article, we will talk about this more.

Should You Use Your Sick Days?

Skipping works in some companies can affect your performance and earn. Therefore, many of you might want to keep attending your office only to fulfill your absence obligation. However, it is not that you have to do this all the time. There are times you have to take all your sick leave to help you get proper treatment. Besides, this can be risky for other employees too. If you have an infectious disease, you might need to get some treatment and stay at home or hospital to prevent others from getting infected.

What Are The Diseases That Allow You To Leave Office For Months?

If you are lucky to have an employer who allows you to take medical leave for months, then you need to take this as a chance of getting intensive treatment. Some of the conditions that allow you to take more sick leave are mental illness, injuries problems, stroke, cancer, and HIV/AIDs. However, this always depends on the company’s policies and of course the medical leave letter from the doctor. Typically, the doctor will write down the estimation date for you to leave the office for recovery.

What If I Am Running Out Of Sick Leave?

If you are running out of sick leave, you can offer your employer or manager to take the unpaid leave. Somehow, this depends on the contract. As long as you provide valid proof about your sick leave and you are not away for more than three months, then the company generally has no right to fire you. Again, look at your guidelines and the company’s policies about this matter.

How To Write A Medical Leave Letter From Doctor

Note that the medical leave letter from doctors is made to be professional and formal. Therefore, make sure it is stated politely and formally with complete details.


Dear Ms. Erika,

I am writing this letter to ask you a request an excuse for my patient, Selena Winata from school until January 1, 2021. I have diagnosed Ms. Selena with a tumor on her breast which makes her in need of intensive treatment. In the next week, she is going to have surgery to remove the tumor. After that, she will need some time to recover while doing some therapy and monitoring to boost her recovery. Therefore, I recommend 3 weeks of absence from school so she could focus on her health.

Should you have anything to discuss in this letter, I encourage you to hit me at (444)5555-555665 or by email at Thank you for your consideration.


Kindly Regards,


Alan Howard, M.D

ABC Clinic

You can modify the medical leave letter from the doctor above with your writing style. We hope our sample and little explanation above can give you an idea.

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